Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Western Themed Skirmish Wargaming (3 Flavors to choose from)

I swear the Enraged Wookie and i were having a conversation less than a month ago about a distinct lack of Western themed miniatures games, and evidently the universe agreed.  Within the last two weeks, i’ve seen Kickstarter campaigns, news stories and general snooping that have found three interesting miniatures games that have a decidedly Western theme.  Hang on to your spurs, we’re going to take a closer look.  

First on the train to western skirmish world is Exiles.  Exiles is a western themed skirmish game that premiered earlier this year at Gencon.  With high production values, a simultaneous turn sequence, and fast pacing, it’s frantic, high intensity cowboy gunfights.  We love the look of the minis and the story behind the genesis of the game grabbed our attention.  We’re going to be taking a closer look at this one in the next couple of weeks (it’ll probably sub in for Last Days until we get more info from Ash).  It’s a neat box and we think you ought to take a closer look.  

You can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mindwormgames/ or on the world wide web itself at http://mindwormgames.com/  (You can get the rules at Mindwormgames.com)  Give them a look see and get yourself a feel for this RPG/shoot’em hybrid.  

Second car has Blackwater Gulch (we’re going to talk about the Second edition, currently on Kickstarter).  Blackwater Gulch takes an interesting look at the American West and introduces some of the more fantastic horror elements.  You can experience the joys of the Cowboy Gang shooting down vampires, or the Earps taking on Werewolves at the OK corral.  It looks neat as can be, and we’re looking forward to seeing how successful their Kickstarter campaign is.  You can find that Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gangfightgames/blackwater-gulch-second-edition?ref=nav_search and Gang Fight Games at http://www.gangfightgames.com/

Another game after our hearts, and bringing up the caboose is Shoot’n Skedaddle.  SNS uses a combination of card interactions and dice to keep the pace frantic and can fulfill a lot of different gaming niches from historical battles of the old west, to shootouts at High noon. It looks like it’s got a lot of potential room to grow, and we hope they have all the success in the world.  You can find them on their homepage http://shootnskedaddle.blogspot.com/ so give them a look and see.  

So from having zero games in the theme two weeks ago to having three different choices seems like a pretty exciting pace for new and interesting Skirmish gaming options.  Check out the awesome Tombstone line of terrain from Multiverse Gaming Terrain (www.multiversegamingterrain.com) to get yourself a battlefield worthy of “DRAW!”

That’s our quick look at three different Western themed skirmish games.  
Game on, Game Fans

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