Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shows you Should be watching (Part III)

As we get better at integrating Youtube and with our growing digital empire (seriously, we have a camera and a tablet) we are always looking for new and interesting shows that are games, gamers, or game related.  This week brought us some new friends on twitter, a new discovery on youtube, and a couple of new episodes for some of our favorites.

Shows that we watch

Critical Role
Death from Above
Corporate SINs
High Rollers

Channels we watch a lot
Guerilla Miniature Games
Tabletop Tactics
The YOGS (we like Martyn a lot, and Trott is a precious gift)

We think you should try and catch up with these shows, they're all wonderful and interesting in their own way.  Ash from GMG is probably the best teacher we've ever seen for the miniature wargaming community.  With a Bob Ross esque quality of zen, Ash is always having fun on camera when he's playing. 

Tyler Carpenter and Lauren Bond (the GMs for both of the live RPG shows on Hyper RPG) are fantastic at their job, and remind us of the fun we have playing games.  A GM with a twinkle of mischief in their eye is a GM who's going to make it an interesting day at the gaming table.  We love both of them and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

Now then, new stuff that we added this week

Encounter Roleplay:  Encounter Roleplay is a twitch tv channel that runs games all the time.  With 150 hours of streamed Dungeons and Dragons content, they are a fantastic resource for getting acquainted with the game and learning by watching.  They were also our first twitter follower, so we are fans of theirs. 

You can find them on twitter at @EncounterRoleplay and on twitch at

We added two new Youtube channels that we like

Advanced Maneuvers is a Warmachine/Hordes channel  that covers a lot of different factions and army groups.  They are working with the new MK III rules, and we are enjoying watching them play the game.

You can find them on Youtube at 

Wargaming for Fun ( is the other channel we added to our subscription box this week.  We really enjoy people that look like they're having fun playing games.  These guys are always in a cheerful mood and always seem to be enjoying the game they're playing.  It's nice to watch people who enjoy what they are doing. 

You can find them on Youtube at

Finally, we have two videos that we think embody the best of hobbying  With Owen from Gaming with the Cooler (who's channel this is hosted on) and Ash from Guerilla Miniature Games, this is a battle report for the Heralds of Ruin fan supplement for Warhammer 40,000.  The rambunctious good cheer that's coming from both of them during this video is infectious.  It's just a couple of guys gathered around a table to see tiny plastic men get killed by dice.  It's worth the watch. is the second half of this week's Death from Above.  We'll get to our regularly scheduled DFA tomorrow, but we almost fell out of our chairs during the introduction of the Opposition force for this week, played splendidly by @DrunkenlyRomantic  and  The Team Rocket portion of the song and dance number are worth the ticket price. 

Those are the shows that we're watching, and we think you ought to consider them as well. 

Game on, Game Fans

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