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Week in Review 9/5/16

Week in Review 9/5/16

All right Game Fans, we’re bringing you our week in review for the week ending Monday, September 5th.  It’s Labor Day here in the states so we’re running a little later than normal.  It’s been a busy week around the office and for the gaming hobby in general. The sooner we get this started, the sooner we can get the rest of the week started.  

Without further ado,
It Came From Kickstarter…

We’ve got several terrain ideas this week, so we’ll cover those first.

Klip N Play:  Klip’n Play is a new entry in the modular terrain market from our good friends in France.  It has a distinctly modern aesthetic, which we like because it’s functional for a lot of different game systems.  It doesn’t have any distinct markings on it to make it system-specific, so you can use the exact same terrain on your Malifaux board and then turn around and use them for a game like This is Not a Test or Last Days.  The thing we like the most about this terrain is that it does clip together and doesn’t require glue.  This gives you an even greater variety of choices than other terrain of its type.

They just launched their Kickstarter last week, and still have 27 days to go, with about 22% funded.  Check them out at

Scifi Dungeon tiles:  Now this is another interesting terrain kit from our friends at Rocket Miniatures.  The terrain looks like it would fit in any science fiction game out there, and because the tiles are built to magnetize, they are reconfigurable between games. They can be used to represent an alien tomb, the guts of a starship, an abandoned outpost, or anything else your imagination can come up with.  The part that intrigues me is they are willing to sell the molds to create your own terrain pieces using their designs.  It’s a very interesting Kickstarter that i am curious to see how it turns out.  
They’ve still got 28 days to go on their Kickstarter, and we hope that they have runaway success.  Current funding is sitting at about 25% funded, but they still have plenty of time to get there.  

Modular Underground Project:  The last of our terrain projects for this week, Modular Underground Project is a modular terrain kit from Maki Games out of Amsterdam.  Now technically this Campaign hasn’t started yet, but we’re excited to see what this project looks like when it gets rolling.  

Check them out at to see it when its up and running.  
Moving right along, we’ve got a sampling of Role-playing Games that caught our eye.

Trudvang Chronicles:  Released for the first time in English, Trudvang Chronicles is European game that draws its source material from Celtic and Norse myths and legends.  It is historical fantasy at its best and has won awards all over the place.  It’s a fantastic import and definitely one we would love to sink our teeth into

They are fully funded, so now it’s just a matter of how many stretch goals they can unlock, and with 26 days left, we think they’ve got plenty of time.  Give them a closer look at

Dungeon Fantasy
Dungeon Fantasy is a classic.  Powered by GURPS (Steve Jackson Games’s Role-playing Game) Dungeon Fantasy is an Old School feeling romp through a dungeon looking for trouble and loot.  We’ve loved GURPS since the 90's and are looking forward to seeing what those imaginative folks over at SJG can do when they focus their minds on creating a fantasy adventure game.  

It’s got 24 days to go on its campaign and is sitting right at 66% funding.  Check out this wonderful hybrid of old school gaming powered by one of the oldest school systems in the universe.  You can find it at and all over twitter and facebook (check it out, its neat)

Chronicles of Aerthe
Chronicles of Aerthe is a dark fantasy role-playing game from Rogue Blade ( ) Set among a mysterious event called The Convergence, it explores the aftereffects of a mighty event that has trapped parts of other realities within a world of fantasy and magic.  It looks interesting and boasts a career and profession system with multiple race options.  Those of you looking for a change of pace might find this to your liking.

You can find it here at It’s got 22 days left to go and is about 70% funded.  

Tiny Frontiers: Mecha & Monsters:  There is always a place in the office for a rules light, fast playing role-playing game.  If you add in the joy of Mecha pounding on monsters, you’ve got us sold.  Simple, clean rules pair with an interesting setting to make this one of the good ones.  You can check it out at

It’s fully funded all ready, so keep bumping those stretch goals for the next 24 days

We caught sight of some neat board games this week on the Kickstarter, so let’s take a closer look at those.

Sherlock Holmes & Moriarty’s Web:  This is a wonderful mystery solving game that dives headlong into the Holmes source material and offers a variety of crime solving sleuthing options for a group of players.  We like mysteries and we do like Holmes, so this one looks like a good fit for us.  It’s got options for up to five players so you can have the whole family get it on the action.  

You can find it at It’s got 24 days to go, and is less than 50% funded, so you have plenty of time to get in on the action.  

Radiant:  Radiant is a board game from Tin Shoe Games.  The game is set in a fantasy kingdom being fought over by different lords.  There are multiple paths to victory and a variety of strategies for players to utilize along their quest towards victory It’s a pretty game and the mechanics are interesting enough to snare both casual and serious gamers.  Check it out at It’s got 24 days to go and is getting close to 20% funded.  

Eschaton:  I like the idea of Deck building games, but they have to have an interesting premise to wrap the deck builder in.  Eschaton revolves around secret cults conquering the world, which sounds like an interesting enough premise for us to get behind.  With quirkily appropriate art and some interesting design choices, Eschaton looks like it could have a home on the deck builder shelf.  Check it out at It’s fully funded so you’re just kicking in for the super sweet stretch goals for the next 27 days.  

Carrotia: The last one of our board games for the week, this one caught our attention with the incredibly well-made video that kept popping up on our facebook feed.  We like the look of the game, and we think more co-operative games on the market is a good thing.  They’re fully funded, but still stretching out for more expansions and perks.  They’ve got six days left to go, and you should definitely check them out at  

The last one of our Kickstarters for the week is a 2nd edition of a war game classic.

Blackwater Gulch:  This is technically Blackwater Gulch 2nd edition, but it’s still a dark western skirmish miniatures game.  Hybridizing American history and the scariest monsters, Blackwater Gulch blends these two elements into a fast paced, character driven skirmish shoot’em up.  Check them out at

With 19 days to go, and 75% of their campaign backed, we’re sure they are going to hit their goal

Other Important things for us last week:

We have a twitter account (@zardozindustry)
We have a youtube channel (Zardoz Industries)
We took a ton of pictures and wrote a bunch of articles

This weekend also had PAXWest, the NOVA Open, and DragonCon, so it was a pretty spectacular weekend.  

That looks like it for us, this time Game Fans, so keep checking back to see what the new week brings for better living through modern gaming

Game On

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