Friday, September 2, 2016

Tombstones (Now with Pictures)

All right Game Fans, We promised we'd get pictures taken of some battlemechs, and well, we did our best.  This a rundown of the Tombstones Battalion with pictures.  Yes, we know the models aren't completely finished, and we're also aware that we are not professional painters of tiny plastic robots.  Let's get started with our picture show.

Command Lance, King Crab, 2 Atlases, Battlemaster

Fast Assault Lance 2 Victors, 2 Highlanders (Shoguns)

Direct Fire Lance Battlemaster, 3 Awesomes

1st Company, Reporting in
Assault Lance 2 Atlases, 2 Cyclops

Assault Lance 2 Banshees, 2 Stalkers

Assault Lance Awesome, Cyclops, 2 Battlemasters
2nd Company, Ready for duty
Fire Support Lance, Archer, 3 Catapults

Battle Lance Marauder, Warhammer, Thunderbolt, Crusader

Anti-Air Lance Rifleman, 3 Jagermechs

3rd Company back to action
Tombstones Battalion

That's the first round up of pictures, and we'll put more pictures together when they're all done.

Game On, Game Fans

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