Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Terrain Suggestions for Multiverse Gaming

Terrain Suggestions for the Tombstone range for Multiverse Gaming Terrain

The question came up this weekend about what terrain pieces i think were missing from the Tombstone line.  After taking a look at the line, we’ve got 5 or so suggestions that will help flesh out this western town.

  1. Saloon/hotel:  It’s a staple of the Western genre to have the drinking hall/bar/whorehouse/theater/hotel/casino as a centerpiece of the environment.  Ideally, a two (or three) story kit with removable levels and enough space inside to stage a gunfight or two.  We think it would look extra snazzy on a corner style base so that it forms the intersection of two dusty roads.  
  2. Church:  Every town out west has a little old church, and we think Tombstone could use one as well.  A one story church with a peaked roof and a church tower (bell optional) would fit in fine with the rest of the aethestatic.  
  3. Bank:  This one seems like a necessity for a western themed game.  Everybody wants to rob the bank or shoot the varmints coming out of it.  It needs to be big enough for a gunfight, a vault,  some interior furniture pieces and of course a big pile of cash.  
  4. A Generic storefront:  There are a lot of different types of businesses and ways to spend your hard earned money out west, and if you’re building a downtown scene, you’d probably want a couple of different stores.  We think you could get away with changing the sign on the Undertaker’s place and it would fit well as a general purpose Western store.  
  5. A house:  Setting up a town with a Tombstone scenery kit is going to leave you a lot of homeless folks. A simple one story house with a place to sleep, a place to eat and some places to keep the extras.  Easy places to put together but they help with the size of the town.
  6. Sheriff’s Office:  This place should be a neat one, with jail cells, wanted posters and a desk full of guns for the local peacekeepers. Like the saloon and the bank, this needs to be a big enough kit to put figures inside and play through a skirmish game if you’re going to.  

Honorable Mentions
These are more features and other accessories that might help the feel without being full buildings of their own.  

  1. Clock Tower:  It’s hard to have a gun fight at high noon if you don’t have a suitably massive time piece for everyone to track.  
  2. A well:  These don’t need to be big pieces of terrain, but we think a well here and there would add some life to a dry town.  
  3. Fencing:  white picket fencing would add scenic details to buildings like a bank, or a church, and they would be appropriate to the time period.
  4. Cemetery:  A Boneyard or a Boot HIll should have a place in any Western themed terrain kit.  

So  those are our quick hit ideas on some terrain add ons for Tombstone from Multiverse Gaming Terrain (whom you can find online at http://www.multiversegamingterrain.com)  

Tell us what you think, or if you think we missed something, let us know

Game on, Game Fans

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