Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Tome of Beasts (The Fey)

Hey Game Fans, Zardoz back to give you a closer look at the tremendously fantastic Tome of Beasts.  The Campaign setting I am working on is a Fey built world, and the Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press is absolutely bananas for filling in my fey setting.  Let's take a look at some of the fantastic fey critters banging around inside the Tome of Beasts.

Here are the Fey Monsters in the Tome of Beasts

Abominable Beauty (Challenge 11)
Ala (Challenge 8)
Aridni (Challenge 5)
Azza Gremlin (Challenge 1/4)
Baba Yaga's Horsemen (Challenge 11)
Beli (Challenge 2)
Bereginyas (Challenge 4)
Boloti (Challenge 1)
Bucca (Challenge 1/2)
Chernomoi (Challenge 1)
Cluirichaun (Challenge 1/4)
Dau (Challenge 4)
Domovoi (Challenge 4)
Dryad, Duskthorn (Challege 3)
Dullahan (Challenge 11)
Eel Hound (Challenge 2)
Eleinomae (Challenge 5)
Far Darrig (Challenge 3)
Fear Smith, Fiarsidhe (Challenge 10)
7 Distinctly different Fey Lords and Ladies (Challenge Varies)
Fraughashar (Challenge 1/2)
Gerridae (Challenge 1)
Gremlin, Rum (Challenge 1/2)
Hag, Blood (Challenge 11)
Hag, Mirror (Challenge 6)
Hag, Red (Challenge 7)
Hag, Sand (Challenge 5)
Hulking Whelp (Challenge 5)
Ice Maiden (Challenge 6)
Kikimora (Challenge 5)
Lorelei (Challenge 5)
Malphas (Challenge 6)
Mamura (Challenge 6)
Mavka (Challenge 12)
Mirager (Challenge 3)
Miremal (Challenge 1/2)
Nichny (Challenge 6)
Pombero (Challenge 3)
Qwyllion (Challenge 8)
Red Cap (Challenge 6)
Scheznyki (Challenge 6)
Selang (Challenge 4)
Shadow Beast (Challenge 7)
Shellycoat (Challenge 2)
Spire Walker (Challenge 3)
Swarm, Slaugh (Challenge 3)
Vila (Challenge 5)
Vile Barber, Siabhra (Challenge 2)

Honorable Mentions
Lunar Devil
Elves, Shadow Fey
Sand Man
Weeping Treant

That list gives you 65 different monstrous foes to build distinctively fey themed encounters for characters of most levels.  You'll have a wonderful time thwarting your players with Fey from different climates and terrains, so there are basically Fey for all seasons and character levels.  This is a wonderful addition to the monsters available for a DM. 

The only thing that we'd like to see in a book like this is a monster by type index in the back (right behind the monsters by Challenge table). 

Again, we are pretty sweet on the Tome of Beasts, and you should get your copy yesterday. 

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