Thursday, November 15, 2018

Plot Traps (Diseases)

It’s been a while since I put together one of these articles but I’m back and reasonably healthy enough to put one of these together.  We’re going to be putting some more of these together going into the new year and exploring some new options for ideas to make your gaming experience fun an exciting.  Today’s excursion covers another plot point that can shape an adventure, a story arc, or even an entire campaign. 

Today’s topic is disease and illness.  Ranging from simple childhood ailments to divinely mandated and supernaturally powered plagues, diseases and illnesses can radically redefine the plot you are building.  Now we’re discussing this in terms of an rpg environment and not a real world setting, so you can discard some real world practicalities and details when you put one of these together.  Let’s dive into this.