Getting Started with Tabletop RPGs

If you like Videos and are a visual learner, my friend Terminally Nerdy has a Youtube channel full of great advice and suggestions.  I "Borrowed" one of his playlists to get you started from start to finish. 

Thoughts and ideas for new folks and other deep thoughts

Advice for brand new folks

RPG Survival Kit

Playing games the "Right Way"

Getting started as a Dungeon Master

Organizing your gaming resources

Dungeon Mastering Advice

Deep Thoughts (Party dynamics)

Setting vs. System

Player vs. Character

World/Adventure/Campaign/Encounter Building

Key Terms

World Building (Ground Up)

World Building (Specific Example)

Encounter Building Ideas

More Encounter Building Ideas

Even More Encounter Building Ideas

OMG Puzzles (Encounter Building Ideas)

Plots and such

The Elminster Problem

Plot Traps Part 1

As is our normal, if/when we add more articles to this series, we'll add them to the list.

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