Wednesday, July 19, 2017

D & D Beyond (My Thoughts)

So Game Fans, we’re staring down the barrel of the release of the digital tools package for dungeons and dragons 5th edition.  D & D Beyond is set for an August release and now we know what the shape of things look like, and what you can do with the tools.  We’re going to do a much more extensive write up of the tools a little closer to release, but we should talk about the price structure and the features that are included at launch, and a look at what may happen.  Let’s dig a little deeper and see what treasure we can find in the system.  

Monday, July 17, 2017

Backgrounds Part V (Hermit and Noble)

Hey Game Fans, we’re back with the third part of our series on Backgrounds for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.  Today we’re going to take a hard look at the Folk Hero and the Guild Artisan Backgrounds and how they affect your character’s background and possible development as you level up.  First up, we have the Hermit, and then we’ll conclude with the Noble.  

A Brief Look at Exalted

Hey Game Fans, we’re working on several things for the Mystery Box Friday series, but today we’re going to give you a very quick overview of Exalted, a Roleplaying game from Onyx Path Publishing.  Currently in its third edition (funded by a wildly successful kickstarter), Exalted is an age of Myth and Legend, where powerful heroes and demigods can reshape the world with enough belief and through the force of their own wills.  Characters can come from a variety of backgrounds and sources of power, but this is definitely a mythic age of high adventure and epic fantasy.  

Plot Traps Volume 7

I’m changing some things up with the blog and looking at a variety of new and old ideas in gaming.  I’d like to spend part of today talking about some recurring tropes and ideas that crop up in fantasy storytelling and how they can be used (and abused) in an RPG to some sort of effect.  Today’s volume is going to feature The Vendetta phenomenon.  There are a variety of ways this idea can be used to great effect in a fantasy rpg.  Let’s take a look at how that can work.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Actions for Edge of the Empire

Hey Game Fans, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Actions for Edge of the Empire.  These are complex things that require the character’s focus and attention.  There are a few of these and we’re going to try and break them down.  Remember that there is generally a limit of a character accomplishing one action on its turn. Also, keep in mind that a character can perform a reasonable number of incidental actions, typically one maneuver and one action in any given turn.Let’s take a deeper dive into Actions and how they work for Edge. If you’re curious about the first part of this discussion, check out our write-up of structured gameplay here.  

Deities, Divinities and Truly Scary Things Pt. 25

Hey Game Fans, we’re taking a look at some world building ideas and concepts for the home setting i run.  If you’ve checked out my other world building articles, this is the setting that focuses on Lakeport and the larger world around it.  Today i’m going to  take a look at one of the oddest gods for the setting, Hartu, the Wyld Heart. Before i get started on her, let me give you a little background for the gods of this world.

Mystery Box Friday (Bulette Storm)

Hey Game Fans, It’s friday so it’s time for us to dig into our Mystery Box and revisit one of our favorite wesbites.  Today we’re going to take a look at Bulette Storm, from Loot The Room.  Written by the prolific Chris Bissette, Bulette Storm is a standalone adventure for 4th level characters.
It makes for an excellent one shot adventure or as a pressure valve for a longer running campaign.  If you are looking at the credits, yes we contributed to the pun bank that Chris used to title certain sections of the adventure.  This adventure was written by Chris as a special thank you to the gaming community that comprises his patrons on Patreon, and this adventure is a lot of fun packed into a tight space.  Oh, and it has Land Sharks.