Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Corsair Point (Mutants and Masterminds)

Corsair Point is the single wealthiest burrough in Port Fontaine. Home to the .1% of society, Corsair Point is a walled community that has isolated itself from the rest of the city since it’s founding. Originally settled by Lord Frederick Highgarden, Corsair Point was the Highgarden estate until around the American Revolution. Frederick’s children, George and Amelia were active revolutionaries and when the war began, George was taken prisoner by Tory forces.

City Center (Mutants and Masterminds)

City Center is the administrative heart of the city. Occupying Viton Island (a natural island formed by the splitting of the Dallock River), City Center is the smallest of the burroughs. City Center also serves as a diplomatic hub of sorts for a few different groups. Six bridges and a pair of subway lines connect City Center to the rest of the city.

Dexton Reach (Campaign Setting for Mutants and Masterminds)

Dexton Reach is the second largest of the burroughs of Port Fontaine (Franklin is the only one that’s larger, both by population and real estate). Comprising the financial capital of the city, Dexton Reach is an area of incredible affluence and wealth. Dozens of corporations, banking institutions and other financial service providers fill the burrough from the edge of North Yarborrough Street all the way to Ulton in the north. It abuts New Hyperia on its eastern edge, with the splitting of the Dallock River around the island that holds City Center. Corsair Point forms of its northwestern edge, with the intersection of Ulton and Corsair forming the boundary between Dexton Reach, Corsair Point, and Franklin.

Franklin (Port Fontaine Campaign Setting)

Franklin is the largest neighborhood in Port Fontaine. With a population of nearly 6 million individuals, it is a sprawling neighborhood that runs from Ulton all the way to the city limits in the north. The western edge of the neighborhood stops abruptly at Corsair Street (aka 3rd Street), and the eastern edge runs right up into the coastline with the Atlantic. The denser urban core of Franklin (the edge of the burrough that presses up against New Hyperia, Dexton Reach, and Greenlight) has multi-story apartment complexes and condos that gradually shrink in height the further you get towards the edge of the burrough. There are even single family houses along the outer edges, making mini-suburbs in the periphery of the massive burrough.

Web (Mutants and Masterminds Profile)

Hector Cruz was born at Callow’s Field Metro Hospital on December 6th 1973. His parents were hard working immigrants, a Cuban mother who spent her days as a nurse at the hospital he was delivered at, and his father worked the loading docks at a meat packing plant six blocks west of there. Hector was like a lot of kids in Callow’s Field, he kept his head down and stayed out of trouble, but showed a remarkable athleticism.

Fury (Mutants and Masterminds Profile)

Fury is an ancient creature, a manifestation of a primordial, chthonic avatar of vengeance. In ancient times, the Furies were a trio, but now they manifest as a singular being, an awe inspiring vessel of divine retribution and contrition. Built originally to punish the breakers of the laws of the gods and torture damned souls, modern Fury is adrift in a world that doesn’t completely make sense to the trio.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Merlin (Mutants and Masterminds Profile)

Merlin is mystic from 5th century England. He was the advisor to King Arthur, and his court magician, but things go a little awry from there. Arthur wasn’t the champion of virtue that the legends tell stories of, but a dark tyrant who would have enslaved all the world if Merlin hadn’t woven a terrible spell. Arthur’s Round Table rained down hellfire and damnation among the other tribes and the other dwellers of Anglia. When Arthur’s knights destroyed Merlin’s love Nimue, it hardened his resolve and he plotted.