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Weekly Review

All right Game Fans, we’re going to engage in some chicanery today because we’re working on different equipment than we’re used to.  With the untimely demise of Work Horse 1, we have to adjust our article writing and publishing schedule a little bit.  That’s all right with us, but it means we’re covering things a little differently.  So moving forward we’re going to be doing a combined week in review, week going forward so that you can catch up on what were talked about last week and what we’re going to be talking about for this week. Let’s get this thing started, shall we?


It Came From Kickstarter!


So let’s take a quick look at what Kickstarter was advertising this week on Facebook.


Sweet Spot is a tactical card game of tennis that tests communication and teamwork in either singles or doubles.  Color us intrigued.  We don’t usually go for sports adaptations though there are plenty of interesting ones out there for the interested gamer.  It looks like a very sound technical game that emulates the source material.


It’s got 23 days to go and is almost 75% funded, so check it out.  



Adorable Monsters


Speaking of a fun party game you can play with folks of all ages, Adorable Monsters is a quick playing light strategy card game that puts you in the role of a monster maker who’s putting his best, baddest, cutest, fluffiest monster up against all the other monster makers in the area.  It’s fun game play and the Kickstarter page has a complete breakdown of the game and a preview video of folks playing it.


With 35 days left to go, and about 70% of its funding there, we hope this game tickles your fancy.



Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black


This is an expansion set for Tiny Epic Galaxies (which is probably the coolest sounding game name we’ve heard all year).  It adds new and more interesting ship designs, new pilots and a host of new options to add to your Tiny Epic Galaxies game play.  The art is fantastic, the gameplay looks crisp, and we think this is one of the best expansion sets we’ve seen in a while.  You can also pick up the original if you missed it the first time around (You’ll need it because this isn’t a standalone game).  


This one’s fully funded and still has 18 days to go, so get your stretch goals done.  You can find it at Kickstarter at


Next up we have a Terrain project that looks very interesting


Modular Underground Project

From Maki Games, Modular Underground Project is a 3D terrain kit designed to emulate dungeon terrain.  With flexible scaling and stackability, you can create some truly interesting underground environments with this terrain kit.  Modular plastic kits have been extremely successful in other Kickstarter projects, and this one is being marketed to both tabletop roleplaying and war gaming groups as a scenery alternative.  We certainly like the look of it and hope they have amazing success.


The campaign is fully funded and still has 24 days to go, so you still have time to get in and unlock some extra stretch goals.


You can find them on Kickstarter at


Next up is scenery of a different sort


Armored Cartographer: Desert Spaceport Invasion


These are an interesting resource for folks who are looking to have a battlefield or a combat map for their game. These are 2D (flat maps) that depict a variety of interesting sci-fi locales to explore.  With a standard grid map, players can easily immerse themselves (when playing with minis) in the desperate hunt across an alien landscape, or find the lost monastery.  We like these maps, and hope they do well in their campaign.  


With almost 50% funding and 48 days to go, they’ve got time and room to grow.



Our last Kickstarter all-star for the week is an alternative setting for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.  


World of Aetaltis


For the Dungeon Master or player looking for something outside the realm of the Wizards of the Coast home setting, the World of Aetaltis offers new adventures and options for taking a new, fresh look at heroic fantasy.  It’s got the potential to be a whole new world of fun for you to play around it.  


It’s around 20% funded, and still has 29 days to go, so get in while it’s here.


You can find it on Kickstarter here


Interesting things that happened this week


Acquisitions Incorporated held their live theater show at PAX west.  Check it out at  


Warhammer TV hosted their first live streaming events on their new channel.  We’ll put up a more detailed review of the event later in the week, but you can check them out at


Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games ended their strategic partnership.  It’s the end of an 8 year partnership that has seen the creation of a lot of interesting games and some clever uses of the GW intellectual Properties.  We hope the Game design market works with R & D teams and we hope that this frees up a bunch of R & D groups for FFG.  We’re curious to see what they can do with new ideas and games.  



Other interesting tid bits


Well, it looks like our first look at Call of Cthulhu was popular, so as a lead up to Halloween we’ll do a full review of the 7th edition line for Call.  It’s one of our favorites and we would love to share it with the rest of the world.  


We’ll do a write up of Interstellar Operations for Battletech in the next couple of weeks (it’s a big book and we’d rather give it the right amount of time to percolate and give you the best look at it).  


Storm King’s Thunder (Wow, we’ve got a lot to say about this one, and we’re fans)


We’re going to actually try to get to actually talking about Battletech, the computer game coming from Harebrained Schemes next year (It looks so awesome)


We’ll continue our coverage of


The Tombstones

Adventurer’s League Season 1

Shows you Should be watching


Special shout out to Tyler Carpenter, for taking the time to answer a pile of questions sent to him by us.  He’s a delight.  You can read that article post (It’s a lot of fun) Hopefully we drop some more of these articles on the universe because hopefully more people will talk to us.


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