Friday, September 2, 2016

Death From Above ( A Closer Look)

Last week, we talked at your general direction about a show we like on Twitch called Death From Above.  A Battletech Role-playing show, Death From Above features Innovative game options, a different way of playing the game, and a cast of interesting characters.  Let's dive right in, and get you ready for catching up on the show we're going to be looking at.

This week we're looking at Episodes 2.1 and 2.2 (Red Horizon)

Red Horizon part 1 is at

Red Horizon part 2 is at 

Quick Reminder, 2.1 is a role-playing session full of hijinks and hilarity.  Mitch and Jess are priceless, and the rest of the crew manages to talk themselves in and out of trouble as only adventurers can.  2.2 is the mech combat portion of the week and details a full-scale mech battle with pirates.

Character spotlight:

Lord Commander Mason Garrilac

Played by studio head Mitch Gitelman, Mason Garrilac is a man trying to put his life back together.  At one point in his life a respected militia commander for the periphery world of Zathras, Mason fell on extraordinarily hard times after war crimes were leveled at him.  When the series begins, Mason is a resident of the lockdown prison complex.  Our team of heroes (sure, that's close enough) rescues him in episode 1.1, and we see him come back to form as a military commander in 2.1.

From an interpersonal standpoint, there are some wonderfully touching moments with Beta (played by Jerome Didier.  It's a relationship of respectful affection bordering on a father-son relationship. It's the closest personal relationship we see for Mason for a long time.  The rest of his relationships are professional (barely in some cases with Talon), but Beta gives us a look inside the personality of Mason.

Episode synopsis:  I'll keep this brief because you have the option to go see the video on youtube at the links above.

After successfully completing their great escape from Lockdown, the mercenaries arrive on the planet of Borgan's Rift in the Magistracy of Canopus looking for work as (I would say respectable but competent seems better) competent mercenaries.  They get to take in the full range of diversions and pleasures available in the Magistracy, and spend most of the episode either chasing women, food, gambling, booze, money, and i think a job.

The Magistracy has an extremely liberal approach to social issues and lets people do pretty much whatever they want.  This particular place is home to the largest wine and brandy production facilities in the Periphery, and makes a desirable target for pirate raiders.  The best course of action for the cast of characters is to get their mechs repaired, get back to action, and get some money in the bank without dying.


Drunken Mason trying to figure out how he got aboard the ship

The Pork Chop Express

Beta getting in way over his head while gambling

Punching and beatings

Superior negotations for an Awesome


There are parts of the episode that drag a little, but that's due to the newness of the channel.  These folks aren't used to playing on a live stream with an audience.  (Trust me, they'll get better)

Watch the episodes and get ready for new episodes later on tonight

Oh, major shout out to the awesome folks at Hyper RPG. Friday night is Weekly Affirmations with the wonderfully talented Strix, and the glory of Death From Above with the whole crew.  Check them both out.

Weekly Affirmations starts at 3 p.m. pt
Death From Above is at 6 p.m. pt

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