Battletech: Alpha Strike Articles

Here are all of the relevant articles I've worked on for Alpha Strike so far, as I add more, I will amend the list.  Happy Gaming

Products and such
Getting Started with the Battletech Starter Set

Combat Manual: Mercs

Combat Manual: Kurita

Lance Packs 1

Lance Packs 2


Getting Started

Thoughts part 1


Special Abilities Part 1

Special Abilities Part 2



Movement Phase

Combat Phase: Part 1

Combat Phase: Part 2

Combat Phase: Part 3

Compiled Combat Phase:

The End Phase:

Abstract Aerospace part 1:

Abstract Aerospace part 2:

Abstract Aerospace part 3:

Abstract Aerospace part 4: 

Battle Reports

Drewbacca Battle Report 1

Drewbacca Battle Report 2:

Drewbacca Battle Report 3

Drewbacca Battle Report 4.1

Drewbacca Battle Report 4.2

Drewbacca & Zardoz

Lists and Formation Building

List Building Zardoz 1.1

List Building Drewbacca 1.1

List Building Zardoz 2.1

Formation Building

Formation: Sun Zhang Training Cadre

Formation: Grave Walkers

Formation: 2nd Legion of Vega


Introductory Scenario

Introductory Scenario 2

Some Video Battle Reports from Probable Koz

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