Thursday, January 7, 2016

X-Wing Tournament (January 3rd)

I played my first games of X-wing this weekend and i did astonishingly poorly.  Other than a moment of making my friend Drewbacca feel bad (he had gone 11 and 0 with his list leading up to the day, and i managed to crater one of his ships in the first two or three turns of our game), i got stomped viciously into the ground.  I lost all three games i played that day and managed to destroy one ship (though i almost blew up a Firespray in game 3) while getting both of my ships destroyed in each game.

Greetings and a Joyful New Year

I know i've been quiet for the month of December, and i do apologize for that lack of updates.  I've got some updates for a couple of different things, and we have some bright things planning for the new year.

First of all,

The Christmas Haul

We had a very light haul this year, but i did get my very own copy of Star Wars Imperial Assault. Other than not being able to get the chin turret into the AT-ST, i got everything broken down and put together for future fun. 

The Christmas Aftermath

I went to my first X-wing tournament this last weekend (more on that later) with Drewbacca and one of his other friends.  I find myself increasingly enjoying this game, despite my astonishingly poor ability to play it. 

Look forward to a couple more product reviews in the next couple of weeks, and here's to a much brighter 2016