Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Things, some old things, and changes

Long Time no post game fans. 

To make a long story short, I am making some changes to the blog after looking at several different ideas and options and going forward, we're going to focus most of our time and energy on games and gaming related "things."

I can imagine some of you are curious about what gaming related things are, and its a valid question.  It's also an extremely nebulous thing, with different meanings to different folks.  I'm running with the idea of anything that can be connected (however tangentially or tenuously) to a game.  This means terrain for miniature games, apps and accessories for tabletop games in general, and deck boxes and tokens for your card gaming needs.  I also plan on taking a look at storage solutions and options for all of the above and pointing out gamers and games that help grow the gaming community. 

This does mean that I will be toning back on the movies and comics and focusing on finding the neatest tabletop gaming channels, streams and other activities that can help you find a way to scratch the specific gaming itch you're feeling. 

Game on, Game Fans?

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