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Week in Review 8/22/16

A week in review

All right game fans, we’re going to take a quick look back at the week that was.  Hopefully you find some things you like and some things you hadn’t seen.  Looking forward for this week, hopefully we will have some other new articles for your amusement.

It Came From Kickstarter recap edition:

Kickstarter was busy this week and brought us some gems

Adventure Location Cards

These are multiple room encounters that can be randomly generated from their specific deck and give the game master new and interesting options to answer a question like “What’s on the other side of that door?”

Beneath Nexus

A new card game from Silverclutch Games, Beneath nexus is a game of exploration and combat against ancient monsters in the ruins below a lost city.  Check it out, it looks like a fun way to spend a chunk of time with your friends.  It still hasn’t hit its funding goal, but it has about 9 days left, with right about 75% funded.  

Egyptian Dungeon Tiles

From Lunesdargent Workshop, these are 3D dungeon tiles that a Gamemaster can use to create interesting dungeon layouts with a decidedly Egyptian Flare.  They’ve hit their Kickstarter goal, so it is funded, but with nine days left, they are still showing off stretch goals.  

Fallen Land

A post apocalyptic board game covering America, Fallen Land looks like it's going to be a fun romp across the country.  They’re funded with 13 days to go on their campaign, so check out this fun offering from Fallen Dominion Studios.

TMS Undying Dynasties

Technically an Indiegogo campaign and not a kickstarter, TMS put together a crowdfunding campaign to produce a miniatures line for The 9th Age.  They are fully funded and have an amazing array of Egyptian themed miniatures for tabletop gaming.  Now if only we knew someone who made an Egyptian themed terrain kit…

Polyhero Wizard Dice

Polyhero is funding a campaign to produce their next dice set, the Wizard.  Oddly shaped and delightfully quirky, these are the dice for the gamer in your life that just wants to be a little different.  

Wondrous Dice

Speaking of neat dice, Norse Foundry is rolling out an aluminum dice set to compliment their other dice lines.  With options in a bunch of colors, these are wonderful additions to the dice collection of any gamer.  This campaign is fully funded


I really enjoy games that look simple but have layers of depth to the strategy of the game.  Gadgeteers fills that role admirably, and Leitman games looks like they’re going to hit this one out of the park.  With 24 days left on their campaign, i am sure that they will finish their funding campaign to make this quirky, fun game of invention and gadget building

Youtube All Stars

There are a lot of channels that i keep up on for gaming ideas for both Tabletop and Miniature Wargaming, so i will cover a few of the ones i enjoy a lot, and some new episodes of shows that I think are worth checking out.  Guerrilla Miniature Gaming with Ash Barker.  This week has the second let’s play for Last Days, a skirmish game set after a zombie outbreak Blackfyre Productions is showing off the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Hyper RPG with a cast of excellent people.  Weekly Affirmations with Strix highlights indie rpg titles, Corporate SINs, Gmed by Lauren Bond is 25 episodes into a Shadowrun 5th edition game, and Death from Above is a weekly Battletech RPG/TTG hybrid that features destroyable mechs.  Their Twitch channel features some live interaction options with the fans, and i have yet to find a night of programming that isn’t worth catching.  #hyperrpg, #DFA Geek and Sundry is a broader platform for Geek culture, but it does host Critical Role, a 5th edition dungeons and dragons game wth a cast of voice actors.  Currently 63 episodes in and without any signs of slowing down, this is one of my favorite D & D Shows. YOGSCAST live is a part of the YOGSCAST family of streamers and content producers (chances are that if you’re looking for a game, they know something about it).  I really enjoy High Rollers, their D & D show that they record every Sunday.  

All right Game Fans, if you see something you like, check it out, send them some publicity, send them some love.  That’s our week in review and we’ll see what the new week brings us.

Game On, Game Fans  

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