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Week in Review 8/29/16

Week in Review 8/29

All right GameFans let's look back at the week that came to pass.  As always, feel free to check out the facebook page at and the blog at  Let’s get started with our look back at the depths of Kickstarter

It Came from Kickstarter recap  Brought to our attention by the fine folks at the Our Turn Podcast (, Game of Energy is a Eurogame where players attempt to solve the energy crisis.  With space for 1 to 4 players and some neat looking components, Game of Energy looks like a solid entry into the board game library of players everywhere.  As of this writing, it’s hit its Kickstarter funding goal, so get your copy quick, it’s only got another 25 hours. Another fine entry in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition resource pool, Nord Games Ultimate Bestiary adds in-depth looks at traditional fantasy monsters for D & D.  If you’re looking for in-depth ideas about gnolls, bugbears, goblins and several other intelligent monstrous humanoids, Nord Games has your back.  As of this writing, they have exceeded their funding goal and are cruising towards the next stretch goal. This one is near and dear to our Battletech playing hearts, The Phoenix Consortium (  offers their cityscapes as terrain pieces for 6mm and 10mm scale wargames.  These buildings are Massive and are perfect centerpieces for scenic battles across a host of sci-fi wargames at those scales  I could easily see these fitting into an Alpha Strike table for Battletech They are about halfway to their funding goal with 23 days to go.  Seriously, check them out #battletech, #HBS, #Hyperrpg, #catalystgamelabs Underlings of Underwing looks like an easy going worker placement game where the colors are as important as the workers being placed.  It looks like a fun one, so give them a look.  They’re about 2/3rds of the way to their funding goal, with 24 days left. Big Kids Games offers up a tile laying adventure through the canals of Venice.  This game looks like a lot of fun for the whole family and should be considered for family game night.  They are supremely close to their funding goal, but only have 25 hours to go.  Get it while it’s hot folks. Tiny Armies is a fast playing mini card game for players looking for a war game but don’t have the time for a longer game.  It’s been funded, and has a couple more weeks to go, so check it out and see what you think Games that are portable enough to be played on the go are always an exciting entry into the game market and Mint Works is an interesting, portable worker placement game.  Small enough to fit in a mint tin, exciting enough to keep you occupied anywhere, Mint Works looks like fun.  It’s Funded, but still, has 15 days to go, so pick one up if you like what you see. Herbaceous is one of those easy going games that you can get non-gamers to play without putting up too much of a fuss.  It’s laid back, easy to play, and looks like a relaxing way to finish off a day.  Not sure how adding wine affects gameplay, but it seems like a good pairing.  They are fully funded, and still have 14 days to go.  Check them out There are a lot of styles of games that I like, but spelling and word construction games are wonderful.  Word Domination takes this traditional styling and adds another layer of complexity by wrapping this traditional gameplay style in the skin of a slick looking world domination caper.  I love the idea of this, and I hope it smashes all of its stretch goals.  They are fully funded with 23 days to go  Warrior Clash is a strategy game that’s aiming for multiple gamers.  With a simple enough rules-set for a casual gamer (or a young one, looking at you, kids) but with enough complexity for more serious strategy gamers, Warrior Clash is aiming to bring both groups to gather around the gaming table.  They’ve got 35 hours to, and are about 60% funded, so if you’re interested in this type of a game, fund it.  Tyto Games is introducing you to an interesting head to head duel of tank commanders in the middle of a hot desert.  The components look neat, the gameplay feels quick and interesting, and the game has the legs to pull you back to it.  With 27 hours to go, they’ve hit their funding goal, so give them a look. Pariah Missouri is an odd offering in our usual Kickstarter assortment, it’s a series of Graphic Novels with a Role-playing Game title attached.  It’s a horror western genre set in the antebellum (before the Civil War) Missouri.  It’s hit its funding goal, and only has 34 hours left to go.  If you like horror in your old west, check it out. Latitude 90 the Origin is a social deduction game that uses your phone or another mobile device to take the place of the impartial moderator.  The setting is reminiscent of The Thing, by John Carpenter, and it feels like a game that could be a wonderful ice breaker for new groups.  It looks interesting but is still in need of funding.  It’s about 60% done with 8 days to go, so if you like social deduction games, this might be something you’d want to consider.  

Our final Kickstarter item we saw this week is Cold Steel Wardens Rogues Gallery. Serving as a combination Bestiary/Ideas book for their Cold Steel Wardens Super Heroes game, Blackfall Press adds another excellent offering to their product line.  It’s getting very close to its funding goal and still has 3 days.  

Moving on to other outbursts of neat

Interesting News

Wyrd Miniatures is launching a global campaign event Divergent Paths for Malifaux.  More details are coming, so keep an eye on Wyrd to see what your favorite Steampunk heroes are up to.  

Dream Pod 9 has started shipping the Kickstarter backed miniatures for their new plastic Heavy gear minis.  They are fantastic looking, and if you want a game that features giant stompy robots, give Dream Pod 9 a hard look.  #dreampod9

Wizards of the Coast is gearing up for the release of Storm King’s Thunder, their new campaign book.  This means we’ll be getting a new campaign season for Adventurer’s League as well, so stay tuned for that.  

Things We Watch Games Workshop has started their own Warhammer TV Channel, and it’s starting off right.  Painting tips from Duncan, jokes, and other hilarity, and upcoming live broadcasts.  I hope this works right  A young wargamer teaching the world how to play his favorite game.  This kid is fantastic, and should be encouraged to the moon

We’ve got our usual assortment of games, Critical Role, Corporate SINs, High Rollers, Death From Above, and we do like Guerrilla Miniature Games  

That’s our week in review, if anything escaped our mind, we’ll let you know

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