Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Marvel Universe Miniature Game (New releases)

Marvel Universe Miniatures Game

All right Game Fans, Knight Models has released some new models for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (and a quick shout out to their newly advertised soon to be released Suicide Squad for the Batman Miniatures Game).  We’ve got a new starter kit, some new individuals, and a new discovery we made poking around the shop. 

                First up, The Dark Avengers!

                The new starter set features a combination of bad ass villains posing as the Avengers (this is a part of the Dark Avengers story arc).  You’ve got three characters that share the Avengers faction and the Villain affiliation (and a fourth neutral Avenger to fill in both teams), giving you a dark reflection of Avengers.  Upside, now you’ve got a bad guy team that’s not the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Downside, there are only four of them.       So with your shiny new Dark Avengers, you’ve got a classic assortment of bad guys.
                First up is the Iron Patriot armor, featuring Norman Osborn.  Norman’s feeling his Wheaties, coming in at a 7 level cost with an assortment of shooting powers.  He’s also got a host of keywords that help him manage a bunch of different situations.  The interesting thing I noted is the hidden goblin trait, which forces Norman to make a Willpower check at the start of each turn or he gains one less power than normal.
                Number 2 on the hit parade is Ares.  The only neutral member of this starter set, Ares is a solid brick of a figure at a level cost of 10.  He’s a melee beat stick, with three different melee attacks that have different options for how you want to murder a guy.  Interestingly, he carries both the body guard power to shield other characters from damage and the Pounce power to immediately move four inches before hitting someone.  He’s a solid addition to a team and should be a consideration for anyone taking the Avengers (either flavor) as their team of choice.
                Number 3 adds Sentry, who should give you an idea of how bad things are going to be since he’s carrying a bloody skull around.  He’s got two once per game attacks that are astonishingly hard hitting (deathblow is a melee attack that is critical damage +3 and irresistible, while Thousand Exploding Suns is an AoE that does 5 damage to everything in range).  The fun doesn’t stop there, as the first time he’s incapacitated each game he will return to his deployment zone at the end of the next round.  He’s a gift that keeps on giving. At 16 levels, he’s monstrous, but I am not sure he’s on part with the Hulk in terms of faces and buildings broken.
                The final model in this group is pretty marvelous (I know obligatory marvel pun excelsior).  The Dark version of Ms. Marvel is full of ranged offensive goodness and has some mobility powers that will get her to the spot to shoot someone in the back.  The combination of Fly and Phase Shift means that it’s unlikely she’ll be out of position to do anything in a given turn, and she has her once per game Intangible power to keep her out of harm’s way.  For 7 levels, she’s a well-priced support piece that will add value to any group of villains.
                With a combined team level of 40, the Dark Avengers are a fun place to start for the intrepid world conqueror who didn’t want the Brotherhood of Mutants to be his or her guys.  Now the other two new releases are dual affiliation guys who seem to be missing their own team.  We’ve got Doctor Doom and The Thing.  Both are affiliated with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, (The Thing is a hero to both, while Doom remains neutral). 
                The Thing is a 7 level cost melee guy.  He lacks bodyguard but makes up for it by punching the nose off of anybody that gets in his way. He’s got a variety of ways to brutalize the other team and his defenses are high enough that he’s going to be hard to bring down.  He feels like he would pair well with either Drax or Gamora on the Guardians, or as a follow up piece to his bowling buddy the Hulk in an Avengers lineup.
                Dr. Doom is a different sort of hero/villain/conqueror.  At a level cost of 11, Doom brings a variety of skills and other traits that make him more of a long distance shooting piece.  With 8 power points per turn and a 2 cost stun shot that he can use once per turn, he can lay out successful strategies for other characters.  His mystical force fields ability to hand out immunity to ranged attacks to everyone within 2 inches once per game and his once per game go wherever he wants to be on the map give him options for creating late game plays. 

So those are the six new models that Knight Models has released for the MUMG, and if you’ve got more questions check them out at http://knightmodels-store.com/epages/afaa2a23-c31d-4ae6-b1cd-12757513fd3b.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/afaa2a23-c31d-4ae6-b1cd-12757513fd3b/Categories/%22MARVEL%20UNIVERSE%20MINIATURE%20GAME%22 to see if anything else grabs your eye.  If you’re curious about a model’s start card, check out it product data sheet (listed on the page for individual models, the team ones are accessible from the store page) to get a sneak peak of what’s in store. 


That’s our review of the new stuff for MUMG folks,
Game on, Game Fans



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