Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Forecast

All right Game Fans, this a brief look at what we plan to do next week

Campaign Operations Part V (Oh God the math)

Hordes starter sets

MUMG released a bunch of new models that we'll look at

A closer look at This is not a Test

More shows you should be watching

A look at terrain for a few games we like (Multiverse, Sarissa to name a few)

A look at a couple of youtube studios we like

an article on some theory for success in games (this will involve math, you've been warned)

an article on the new plastic models for battletech (new is used very loosely)

If we've got our thinking caps on, pictures of models for a couple of things

a look at the factions of Warhammer 40,000

Oh, major shout out to the awesome folks at Hyper RPG. Friday night is Weekly Affirmations with the wonderfully talented Strix, and the glory of Death From Above with the whole crew.  Check them both out.

Weekly Affirmations starts at 3 p.m. pdt
Death From Above is at 6 p.m. pdt

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