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X-Wing Tournament (January 3rd)

I played my first games of X-wing this weekend and i did astonishingly poorly.  Other than a moment of making my friend Drewbacca feel bad (he had gone 11 and 0 with his list leading up to the day, and i managed to crater one of his ships in the first two or three turns of our game), i got stomped viciously into the ground.  I lost all three games i played that day and managed to destroy one ship (though i almost blew up a Firespray in game 3) while getting both of my ships destroyed in each game.

Two things i should mention before i go into a breakdown of how the game went.

1st, These were my first games of X-wing i have ever played.  I have been collecting the scum and villainy faction since it showed up, and i have a fairly nice collection of pirates, jerks, and bounty hunters that i have accumulated.

2nd, I had a ball playing, despite the fact that i lost mightily in each game i played. I built a list (mostly because Drewbacca poked me for three days straight about building one) to do what i thought i wanted it to do, and picked ships that i thought were neat.  I got wrecked, but that's okay.

Now, the list i picked to play that day is as follows

I'm running a Double Aggressor list (I discovered that this list is called Bro' Bots, which seemed stupid to me, but hey, i didn't name it), which is built to take advantage of the IG-88 synergy from the IG-2000 title.
The IG-2000 title lets my IG-88 pilots share their special pilot abilities with each other.

So my list consisted of  (point costs in parenthesis)

IG-88A (36 )
Veteran Instincts (1)
Accuracy Corrector (3)
Autoblaster (5)
Ion Cannon (3)
Inertial Dampeners (1)

IG-88D (36)
Veteran Instincts (1)
Accuracy Corrector (3)
Autoblaster (5)
Ion Cannon (3)
Intertial Dampeners (1)

The IG-88A lets me restore a lost shield point for every enemy ship i destroy, and the IG-88D lets me change the direction of my turns with the maneuver dial.

Now, those of you familiar with X-wing are all ready probably laughing, as most of the folks i played with were, but my game plan was to use the maneuverability and speed of my Aggressors to stay in range 1 of the enemy ship, and use the combination of the autoblaster and the accuracy corrector to steadily deal damage throughout the course of the game.

I had ion cannons to keep ships where i wanted them, and Inertial dampeners to help me stay in the right firing arcs to keep my guns pointed in the right direction, and hopefully killing the targets.

Autoblaster is a range 1 weapon that says your opponent can cancel critical hits before they cancel regular hits, but regular hits can't be cancelled at all.  It's a secondary weapon, so it only rolls the dice listed on its card when attacking.  On a good day, i get 3 rolls of the dice to put damage through that can't be cancelled by my opponent.

Accuracy Corrector says that after i roll dice, i can instead cancel the results and then add 2 hit icons to the dice pool.  When combined with the aforementioned autoblaster, this means i can always do 2 hits worth of damage that my opponent can't do anything about.

I thought it was a good strategy.

Game 1 

My 2 ships versus a Rebel list that featured Wedge, Luke and Wes.  In the car ride up, Drewbacca had given me the idea that if i saw rebel aces, kill Wedge first.  This seemed like good advice at the time, and so i endeavored my very best to kill Wedge.  The player i was facing was much more skilled at this game than i was and the people playing to either side we very helpful at giving me ideas and directives on how to setup the game field and be ready to play.

I set up my ships to run down the middle of the table, and my opponent set his ships up in the corner.  I knew that the X-wings, with their smaller bases were more agile than my larger base ships, and i figured they were going to try to fly circles around me.  We spent the first turns setting up our maneuvering lanes to get into position, and the second turn is where things looked reasonable.  I got into position, Ion Cannoned two ships (funnily enough, not Wedge), and prepared to move into a killing position for turn 3.

Then i ran into Asteroids.  Asteroids disrupted my shooting from one of my ships on turn 3 (and would continue to on turn 4, as i was unable to get off the asteroid without running into another ship).  My other ship closed the distance, but also clipped an asteroid, meaning that my turn 3 shooting didn't do anything.  The IGs were agile enough to take a shield damage each that turn, but one of my ships acquired 3 stress tokens from Wes and his combination of abilities.

Turn 4 saw the X-wings shoot past me, and get into position to shoot some more, i took a little bit of damage with nothing in return.

Turn 5 i finally managed to get my ships off the rocks, but they ended up bumping into each other.  I took some damage, but was still in the game at this point.

Turn 6 i finally got turned around as was facing the right direction, but i was out of range for my primary strategy, and was a little gun shy about driving over asteroids again.  I zoomed back towards the X-wings, but my shots didn't land.

Turn 7 saw the destruction of one of my ships, and the stripping of shields off the other one.  I knew two turns earlier that the game wasn't going to come up good for me, but i was still learning.

Turn 9 saw the destruction of my second ship, with a total removal of 3 shield tokens from my opponent (one was from rocks).

Game 2

Well this was one for the ages, as Drewbacca and i ended up playing against each other in the second round.  He was running a triple Y-wing list with a HWK-290 for support.  It was going to be a bomberrific time.

He deployed his ships all along the back edge of his deployment zone, and i corner deployed my ships facing off against a lone Y-wing.

His ships moved towards the center, and i chased him down.  Using a boost action, i moved into position to take a shot with the Ion Cannon, which disrupted his bomber's flight path.

Turn 2, my ships closed in on the slow rolling Y-wing, while his other ships maneuvered around.  I put shots into the Y-wing and stripped its shielding, before critically hitting the dickens out of it.  It exploded in a hail of gunfire. That was the high point/bright spot of my day.

The next three turns saw the y-wings slip away ( i was playing a little more conservatively than i probably needed to) and the destruction of one of my ships.  Turret weapons are very interesting, and i lost one of my ships to turret fired twin laser turrets.  The last turn of the game saw my lone Aggressor taking fire from two different Y-wings and the HWK.

Two losses down, one to go, and i was kind of hoping to come up dead last in a tournament of 18.

Game 3

The last game i played that day was against a two ship Firespray and TIE Defender list.  The other guy playing was slightly less new than i was, and we ended up having a fun game of shoot the star fighters.  I was starting to wind down for the day, so i don't remember the turn by turns of the game, but i do remember that i managed to drop the Firespray to 2 hull points before the Defender finally dropped my last Aggressor.  It was a fun game, probably the funnest i had the whole day.


My desire to come in dead last was thwarted (i came in 17th of 18, two spots worse than Drewbacca), but i had an excellent learning experience for the X-wing game, and i have some thoughts and ideas how to improve the list for next time.

My X-wing fleet run down is at

Happy Gaming

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