Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Alpha Strike Battle Report (Drewbacca & Zardoz at Thunderdome)

Alpha Strike Battle Report

Hey Game Fans, we’re back with another Alpha Strike battle report.  Today, Drewbacca and i threw down at 150 points during our big day out in the KCK burbs.  We’re playing at the Geekery, and the terrain and such are all from their store supply.  Let’s dig into the game and see what sort of mischief we got into

Game Point Value:  
150 points


Late Succession Wars- Renaissance

Terrain and Table Setup

Forested hills (levels 1-4) and a couple of lakes (depth 1), 4' x 4' table

Zardoz’s Unit

Mercenary Faction, average skill 3.0
Victor, Griffin, Phoenix Hawk, Thunderbolt- Battle Lance

Drewbacca’s Unit

Federated Suns, average skill 2.5
Archer, Rifleman, Griffin, Clint- Fire Lance
The Griffin has the Range Master special ability

Early Game

Deployed on the table edges, Andrew won initiative most turns.  The game started with two units on the table and the other two units walking onto the board at the start of turn 1.  Zardoz deployed the Victor and the Griffin, Drewbacca deployed the Griffin and the Archer.  The Game was an interesting start of how many inches of woods can we successfully hide in.  The Phoenix Hawk made a bold decision to jump on top of a high hill to get a bead on the Griffin, but this decision backfired, as the Griffin was tucked just at Long Range, where the Phoenix Hawk can do no good.  The Fire Lance used its sniper and range master abilities to decent effect, landing some hits on the Hawk and the Thunderbolt as they closed range.  

Mid Game

As the Battle Lance moved up the field, they were able to strip some armor off of the Griffin and the Clint, but it cost them the forced withdrawal of the Phoenix Hawk, and armor off of their own Griffin and Thunderbolt in the process.  The Fire Lance stayed pretty tight on its hill and didn’t want to move much from their firing position.

Late Game

The Game ended in a decisive fashion when Zardoz called the game at the end of the 8th turn.  The Victor had finally closed the distance and brought it’s cannon to bear on the slow heavies.  Unfortunately, it had to break cover and expose itself to a lot of enemy fire in the process.  The Thunderbolt was reduced to forced withdrawal conditions, the Phoenix Hawk was all ready evacuating, and the Victor was outright destroyed when the Fire Lance focused fire at it.  


We had a lot of fun with this game, other than someone’s over fascination with scenery and terrain.  Seriously, there was a lot of it.  We were getting used to playing the game with each other again after an absence, and aside from good natured banter and drewbacca having absolutely no poker face, it was a good time.  I made a couple of mistakes, and i id basically just grab one of a dozen randomly assembled lists to play this round.  I’ll get him next time.





Turn by Turn


Force Rosters

In case you’re interested in playing this game, the pictures should let you recreate the battlefield, and the Wookies were nice enough to provide rosters, which i’ve included here.

Zardoz’s Hoppers


Drewbacca’s Cheating Sniper Jerks


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