Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Drewbacca list building 3

So this is Drewbacca’s list with the units he’s planning on bringing and hopefully an idea of why.  

Now onto our finalist.(This is one of three lists he submitted for various things, It contains 2 Venoms, a Grasshopper, a Battlemaster, a Thunderbolt, and an Archer)

Venom (2)


The first 2 mechs are again in the role harassers. Quick and nimble, but potent if left alone (my favorite place to be).

Grasshopper, Battlemaster, and Thunderbolt



The next three are potent at medium range, they also have enough armor to swap a few hits before they crumble. The grasshopper is the most nimble, as it can jump, but it's sweet spot is at medium range, while still doing respectable damage at short or long range (not to mention it's a favorite of Papa Wookie). The thunderbolt is similarly capable in damage output and armor, but a touch less maneuverable, due to lack of jump jets. But brings the capability of Indirect fire, which is not to be overlooked. The ability to deal damage when you don't have line of sight can be very handy. The battlemaster is last. Like the Thunderbolt in damage and maneuverability, but has the most armor and structure in this force, as it is the only assault mech. The battlemaster will likely provoke much attention and much fire. But that's why he has much armor and brought friends. Designed to move in, and cause havoc in a hurry.



The archer is more useful at range, and has potent Indirect Fire. Not to mention a decent amount of armor. One of my favorite all around mechs. This is a likely suspect for an SPA either sniper or Range Master (long).

Thoughts and Ideas

(We edited a bit)

The Battle Lance (the Grasshopper, the Archer, the Battlemaster, and the Thunderbolt) are Skill 3 all around and 10 points to spend on SPAs. Should prove an interesting combination. The Wookie’s grouped these four mechs as a Battle Lance, which means he’s got six usages of the Lucky special ability (6 re-rolls over the course of the game).  With an Average skill rating of three and 10 points to spend on special pilot abilities between the 6 mechs he’s bringing, this has the potential for some neat combat applications.  So, that’s our 500 points of Battlemechs for a Capellan Crusades Era game of Alpha Strike.  It’s coming up soon, and we’ll be bringing the pictures and the mischief when we get the game going.  We’ve also got two other games scheduled for that day, so i’ll be putting together some Late Succession Wars era units together for that game.  Later this week i’ll also be posting an introductory scenario to get you started with your first game of Alpha Strike.  

Game On, Game Fans.  

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