Friday, March 3, 2017

Mystery Box Friday Part 1

Hey guys, we’re taking a bit of a different angle with our Mystery Box article today to talk about things that are critical to the gaming community on the internet.  There is an embarrassment of riches available in terms of content providers, homebrewers, and reviewers out there.  Between actual play stream and casts, unboxing videos, and a host of other gaming related commentary and programming, you can spend your week watching and reading about games.  If you’ve been following my blog so far, you’ve noticed that i have an expanding list of links to podcasts, and twitch streams, and blogs and just other cool stuff that i like.

I am going to keep adding to these lists and hope that doing so creates a larger gaming community.  I want to make sure that everybody has an easy way to find cool, interesting stuff and that they can find stuff that they’re interested in.  I know it’s an incomplete work, (and probably will be until the lights go out), but it’s a start.  If you find a thing that you think would be the coolest ever that i haven’t put on the list, let me know and i’ll fix that.  

The other thing to keep in mind is that i’m aiming to add to the available resources to folks new and old, and i may include a blog or website from someone you absolutely can’t stand.  No, I’m not going to take that link down as long as the site continues to add to the discussion about games.  Yes, you can be mad about and yell at me.  It’s okay, i’m not going to hold it against you.  

The internet makes it really easy to be a smirking jackass to someone who works hard, puts things up, and hopes that people read it.  I would like for us to be better people than that, and hope that we can look at things with a critical eye for what’s being added to the discussion.  Everyone has an opinion, and the internet let’s those opinions fly freely.  

Some of you may think this a peace and love hippy nonsense, but really i think we can build a more inclusive, stronger community if we talk to each other and have discussions about topics that interest us.  So, now that i’ve said that, you can go back to everything else you’re doing, and ignore my opinions.  It’s okay, i’m used to it.  

Anyway Game Fans, that’s part 1 of Mystery Box for today, and if you have something i need to put my eye and/or ear balls on, leave a comment on this article so i can get to you and your stuff.   

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