Friday, June 23, 2017

Mystery Box Friday (Greyed Out Productions)

Hey Game Fans, we’re back with another Mystery Box Friday Review for you.  Today we’re going to take a look at something that is near and dear to our hearts, dice bags.  Ever since we were wee little gamers using swiped Crown Royal bags all the way up to the modern leather bags and plastic cases we use today, we LOVE things to store dice in (it’s a neck and neck race to determine which we like more).  Today we’re going to show off a store we’re very interested in and some of the just astonishingly cool bags that they have.  Without any further ado, let’s take a hard look at Greyed Out Productions.  

Greyed Out Productions

Greyed Out Productions is an Atlanta based company that produces high quality cotton dice bags.  Using one of the best canvases in the world, Greyed Out prints a host of interesting and wildly thematic gaming bags for a variety of genres.  They make everything to order, so getting one of their cool custom dice bags takes between 3 and 4 weeks, depending on the options.  

Dice Bag City

Greyed out offers a fantastic standard sized dice bag that is 5 inches tall and a four inch square base.  They’re made out of a sturdy cotton fabric and features a drawstring closure.  For extra security, you can order cord locks for both ends of the drawstring to make sure that your dice are firmly secured.  The external bag can feature a variety of thematic prints and ideas from map making concepts, Wargames and other fantasy gaming elements.  The internal bag can have a variety of liner choices and you can arrange the inside of your bag to have one main storage area, 5 pockets or a whopping 9 pockets to sort your dice out. These store about a 160 regular sized dice, and if you grab the options for extra pockets you can sort them out.  The basic dice bag without any cordlocks or pockets run about 21 bucks (before shipping) and still feature the awesome artist exterior you were looking for.  There are also options for retailers looking to stock these bags and you can even order 2 custom ones for around $55.  If you want all the bells and whistles, you’re still only shelling out around $31 for your bag.  I am fairly certain that you can find a specific bag for your gaming needs.

Leather Pouches

The other cool thing you can pick up from Greyed Out Productions are hand stitched leather dice pouches that come in the shapes of 20 sided dice.  With the actual numbers imprinted in the face of each side, you could theoretically roll one of these (we make no claims on the fairness of each roll).  This pouch has a magnetic enclosure to keep it sealed and it will bear the brunt of light use without spilling your dice all over.  These pouches hold several dozen sets of dice in safety and comfort, and look absolutely amazing.

Conclusions and thoughts

Dice bags are a part of the gaming culture as much as the dice themselves.  Greyed Out Productions offers a cost effect, quality product that can fit into any gamer’s kit.  They come in a variety of colors and options and i think i might have to get one of these the next time i pick up a new dice bag.  Be sure to check out their website at
That’s our Mystery Box Friday for this week and we’ll be back next with something new and interesting for gamers and games.  See you then, Game Fans.  Game On.  

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