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Equipment for Edge of the Empire part II

Hey Game Fans, we’re back to take a look at the equipment you’re going to probably utilize at some point during your games of Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games.  Star Wars has a rich history of cool gadgets and gizmos that crop up during important scenes during various movies, games and books.  They are an essential part of life on the fringes of society and can do a lot of things.  We’re not going to talk about Droids today (mostly because they are much better as a species discussion) nor are we going to talk about vehicles and starships (those belong in their own article).  We’re going to cover the other pieces of technology that make life a much easier proposition in the Star Wars RPG.  Now there are a lot of different kind of equipment, and we’re going to try cover as much ground as we can.  Let’s take a deeper look at Equipment.


Eventually you’re going to get hurt and need something to patch you up,  Edge of the Empire has several options for items to facility a variety of healing options and needs.  There are treatments involving Bacta, Medpacs of a couple of different kinds, Stimpacks and Synthskin, Synthflesh.  Each does a specific thing and can greatly increase your chances of surviving the rough and tumble universe of Edge of the Empire.  


Bacta is a cure-all in the Star Wars Universe.  It stimulates healing, recovery and encourages cellular regeneration and growth.  It’s a major component in healing devices ranging from Medpacks, all the way up to the full sized Bacta immersion tanks for critically injured people.  

Emergency Medpac

When someone needs to be patched up in the middle of a firefight, or radiation burns need to be treated while the ship is on fire around you, the Emergency Medpac is what you need.  Mechanically, it allows a character to use the Medicine skill without any penalties.  


Like the Emergency Medpac, but larger and slightly more sophisticated, the Medpac is probably the best medical treatment provider that most characters are going to have access to.  In the hands of a trained medic it allows for complicated medical treatment, and has an internal reservoir that provides one Stimpack per scene.  For a full rundown of how this works, check out the Medicine skill on page 219.  


Stimpacks provide immediate medical attention to the barely trained.  It takes a maneuver to inject a character with a Stimpack, but the benefits are immediate and don’t require a medicine roll to apply.  Stimpacks are a diminishing return, with the first Stimpack applied healing 5 wounds, the second one healing 4 wounds, etc.  It takes a day to fully process the Stimpack healing agents out of the body and the count resets.  These are one use items.  


Synthskin and Synthflesh are artificial skin used for two different purposes.  Synthskin is an antibiotic covering to aid in the recovery of cuts and bruises.  Synthflesh is designed to cover artificial things to make them appear more lifelike.  Like Stimpacks, these are one use items.


Security represents two sides of the same coin.  Devices to secure a place, a person, or an object, and the devices designed to circumvent those protections.  Characters that specialize in security on either end of that scale will find a lot of use from this section, but there are things in this section that are useful for everybody.

Comm Jammer

There are a lot of devices designed to overwhelm or subvert communication signals.  Some of them are powerful enough to cut off planets, while others have a much more localized area of effect.  Comm jammers create interference that requires specific skills to cut through, and they are modified by the proximity and size of the jamming unit.  

Disguise Kit

Sometimes you need to look like someone else, or you need to blend in with different settings.  Disguise kits have the tools and components to allow a character to change their appearance, (more advanced kits include falseprint skins and DNA masking equipment). Other versions of the kit contain camo paint and makeup for a variety of terrains and environments.  There are species specific versions, but the kits have very similar components and are the same cost.  

Electronic Lock Breaker

Electronic Locks are far more common in the frontier than mechanical ones, and being able to get passed an electronic lock is a skill that many characters in Edge of the Empire are going to want.  Electronic locks come in a variety of qualities, as do the tools to break through them.  More advanced models are typically plug into the console and they open the locks for you.


Restraints (and circumstances that require their use) are very common in Edge of the Empire.  Binders are intended to keep a conscious prisoner under control and are usually built tough enough to keep a Wookie subdued.  Breaking free from Binders requires an Athletics or Coordination check (the difficulty is modified by the specific type of binders, and i am sure that some models come with countermeasures like electric shocks for those trying to slip them).  

Restraining Bolts

Droids are an interesting component to life in Star Wars, and there are moments when being able to shut down or force compliance from a droid are essential.  The Bolts come with a Controller, and a person holding the right controller can compel a Droid to perform a variety of tasks.  Player Character Droids interact with these a little bit differently, so check out the section on 178 for the deets.  

Comm Scrambler

In most instances, communications are available to anyone who has a commlink within range of the transmitter.  A Comm Scrambler encrypts and renders comm signals unintelligible without a second scrambler to decrypt the signal.  (These are kind of illegal)

Slicer Gear

Computer Intrusion specialists (Slicers) use a highly specialized computer and a host of other very specific tools for their work.  Each Slicer customizes and upgrades their equipment, and with the level of personalization that  a Slicer takes with their gear makes each kit unique.  (this is also illegal).


Sometimes the needs of a job have characters away from the comforts of civilization, and “roughing it” requires either specific equipment or enough time to grab the right thing for the job.  Survival Gear either enhances a character’s ability to use specific skills, or gives the character specific benefits.  

Ration Packs

Just about everybody has to eat, and Ration Packs fulfill the dietary needs for living creatures.  They may not be the best tasting thing, but they will keep you alive in hostile environments.  They are one use items.  

Breath Masks and Respirators

Ranging from nose plugs to full face masks, these items are designed to allow characters to operate in regions with hostile atmospheres that would prevent them from breathing.  There are a host of different options and models, and they can usually be designed to process any gas mixture for species that don’t breathe oxygen-nitrogen mixtures.  

Space Suits

Aside from a couple of species, Space is a lethal environment for most characters in Edge of the Empire.  Space Suits enable characters to survive in space and provide a variety of useful tools while navigating that environment.  This type of space suit is intended for short jaunts, and doesn’t feature the life support systems for extended operations in space.  

Crash Survival Kit

Nobody ever wants to crash a vehicle or a starship, but if it happens, a Crash Survival Kit is a boon for surviving on whatever piece of rock you crashed into.  These are small enough to fit inside the cockpit of a starfigher, but filled with enough equipment to give the recently crashed pilot a  fair chance of surviving.  Check out the full description of what’s in it on page 180.


Temporary shelters that are designed to be broken down for easy storage and transportation.  Tents are common in larger survival kits and most provide shelter from basic environmental hazards.  

Thermal Cloak

Thermal Cloaks are personal life support systems that help the person wearing it manage extremes of heat and cold.  Wearing one provides additional bonuses against both of those environmental hazards.  

Next Time

All right Game Fans, we’re starting to run a little long with this one, so we’re going to leave off here for now.  We’ll try and catch the rest of the Equipment next time.  We hope this gives you an idea of the things that are available for you to utilize in your game of Edge of the Empire.  Game On.

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