Friday, June 30, 2017

Mystery Box Friday (Fantastic Reality)

Hey Game Fans, It’s friday so it’s time for us to dig into our Mystery Box and see what goodies fall out this time.  Today we’re going to take a look at the Asatania Campaign Setting from Fantastic Reality.  Make sure you check out their website at for more details and to take a closer look at what they are brewing.  Today we’re going to look at two specific pieces of the Asatania Campaign Setting, the Player’s Guide to the Crashing Chaos Campaign and the Crashing Chaos Campaign Guide v.101.  There are a lot of additional materials, resources and adventures that are built to work with this setting, so we’re going to start here and may eventually sweep up some of the additional materials.  

Part I: The Player’s Guide to the Crashing Chaos Campaign

The Player’s Guide sets out everything that a new player to the setting needs to know in order to create a character that fits the setting and has any rules changes or modifications to keep in mind when building your character.  Also it’s important to keep in mind that this specific document gears players up for the Crashing Chaos Campaign. There are 8 linked adventures that comprise the Crashing Chaos Campaign, and if you plan on playing these adventures, you should consider this an essential resource for gearing up.  

Campaign Prep

Pages 5 through 10 feature specific character creation details for that campaign and give you several options and ideas for creating a character that fits the campaign and gets you in the mindset of the campaign.  Bear in mind that magic is astonishingly uncommon in the historical context of the setting and that while magic using characters may exist, they are far from commonplace.  The other key part of this section details the available races for the setting and gives you a host of ideas and background details you can use for character creation.  
For new players building characters or experienced players building new characters for this campaign, this is an absolutely essential resource to get a grip on the background elements of this campaign.  

Setting Details

The last half (ish) of the book is a very broad look at the campaign setting for new players.  With place names, important political organizations and other key factors, this is the information that just about every player would want to have to get familiarized with the larger campaign setting. One of the hardest parts of getting into a new campaign setting is getting acquainted with the world and the fine folks at Fantastic Reality have done an excellent job of distilling all of those details into easily digestible bits and bites of their larger world.  If you’re looking to get into their campaign setting and checking the place out, this is a very solid “travel guide” style write up for places and points of interest.  


It’s a 5 star product if you are looking at gearing up for playing the Crashing Chaos Campaign.  I’d give it a 4 Star rating if you’re looking for some new ideas and an introduction to the larger Campaign setting.  

Where to find?

You can find the Player’s guide at DrivethruRPG here.  It’s a free download to get players geared up for the larger campaign.  

Part II: The Crashing Chaos Campaign Guide

You can look at this document as a larger version of the Player’s Guide with a lot more of the details filled in.  If you are planning on running the Crashing Chaos Campaign, you realistically need this book because it ties everything together.  It fills in a lot of the scaffolding and support to pull the adventures together and gives the DM/GM everything they need to know in order to run the campaign.

Campaign Prep

This book is the campaign prep for the Crashing Chaos.  Page 8 gives you the synopses of the eight adventures that comprise the campaign (and includes the suggested level ranges for each adventure in the campaign).  The background information is almost identical to the information presented in the player’s guide, but there are additional details filled in.  

Setting Details

The setting notes that are presented in the Player’s Guide are expanded upon and a lot more information is accessible to the DM/GM.  Places are given more information and the dominant power of the region is given a full write up with much more detail.  The other important details covered are major and minor npcs that are essential to the campaign.
Major NPCs are given a solid write up with major wants, needs, resources and other advice for running them as NPCs.  They also have notations for the adventures they show up in and characters that are likely to experience combat have full stats.  Minor NPCs have a brief bio and their likely interactions with PCs lined out, and have their key adventures noted as well.  This is a big section of the book but it gets you ready for figuring out the larger forces at work.  These are well written bios and prospective gaming authors could do a lot worse than studying this style of write up.  


If you plan on running Crashing Chaos, it’s essential, it’s a 5 Star recommendation without reservation.  If you’re curious about the world at large, or are interested in more details about the setting, it’s still a 5 star product.  The only thing that detracts from its value is the NPC bios are less necessary if you aren’t playing the campaign.  They are still wonderful write ups and can give you a solid look at the ideas and underlying plot elements of the setting.

Where to find?

You can find the Crashing Chaos Campaign Guide  at DrivethruRPG here.  It’s a Pay What you Want Download, so take a look and see what you think.  


So that’s our look at the Crashing Chaos Campaign documents from Fantastic Reality.  Be sure to check out their section of Drivethru RPG, which you can access from either of the links above, and their home site which you can find at the top of this write up.  We’ll be back next week with something else we think is cool, so check back then to see what’s up.  Game On, Game Fans.

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