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Equipment for Edge of the Empire part IV

Hey Game Fans, we’ve covered the basic types of equipment and common items you’ll find in Edge of the Empire. Today we’re going to take a quick look at the customization rules and the processes that let you take a common blaster pistol and make it your very own.  These rules apply to just about every piece of equipment in the game, from blasters to armor to starships and other crazy ideas.  Buckle up, grab your tool kit, and let’s take a closer look at modifications.  


The most common way of modifying a piece of equipment is to add an attachment to the existing item.  Every piece of equipment that can be modified has a hard point statistic listed in its stat block.  This is a rough approximation of the amount of free space or internal storage that the item has built into it.  Every attachment has a listed hardpoint cost, representing the amount of space that the attachment takes up on the piece of equipment.  You can mount a total number of attachments with a combined hp cost up to the Hard Point limit of the original piece of gear.  
Example:  The Heavy Blaster Pistol has 3 HP listed in its description, which means it can take up to 3 Hard Points worth of attachments.  This means you can give it a Superior Weapon Customization for 1 HP, and a Blaster Actuating Module for an additional 1 HP.  This means the Heavy Blaster Pistol has 1 HP remaining, but it also means that it can’t take any of the 2 HP attachments.
There are a couple of career specializations that increase the HP of equipment, make things take up less slots, and have several ways of interacting with the customization rules.  
We’re going to go over the key terms for Customization and hopefully we’ll get a chance to actually look at some of the mods.  

Modding Attachments

For the truly dedicated gear heads, It’s possible to modify an existing attachment.  This requires a fairly skilled mechanic and some time, but you can push your gear into overdrive by modifying the attachment to do additional things beyond what the basic attachment does.  

Types of Mods

Mods generally fall into one of the following catetgories:
  • Damage Mods:  Damage Mods increase the damage dealt by the weapon.  
  • Weapon Quality Mods:  This will either add a weapon quality to a weapon or increase it’s existing quality.  
  • Innate Talent Mods:  This kind of Mod gives the user of the weapon or armor a specific talent.
  • Skill and Characteristic Mods:  These Mods will increase either a characteristic or a skill of anyone using the piece of equipment.
  • Additional Mods:  These are catchall mods that grant another kind of bonus not listed above.  

Key Terms

This is also a “how to read an attachment entry.” There are a lot of different types of attachments, but they all follow the same basic layout.  
Attachment Name (This is the name of the Attachment)
Description: (This is a brief description of the attachment from an in-universe perspective)
Models Include: (This is a list of some of the versions of the attachment and who makes them from an in-universe perspective)
Base Modifiers: (This is the benefit of Installing the attachment onto the piece of equipment)
Modification Options: (These are potential modifications that can be made to the base attachment)
Hard Points Required: (The number of Hard Points required to install the attachment to the piece of equipment)
Price: (This is the cost of the Attachment in credits).  

Weapon Attachments

Now i’m not going to break down every single one of these, because i want you to take a look at the book and figure out what mods are best.  Now I will talk about each one in brief so you can know what to look for.  These start on page 188.  When i talk about a fully modded version, i mean a version that has had every mod upgrade installed.  Remember they have to be installed separately.  

Augmented Spin Barrel

This is a reinforced power distribution system for a blaster rifle (regular or heavy).  It increases the damage and hitting power of the rifle it’s added to.  A fully modded version increases the base damage by 3, and increases both the Accurate and Pierce qualities of the rifle.

Balanced Hilt

A Balanced Hilt is a customized grip for a melee weapon that both increases accuracy and decreases encumbrance.  The basic attachment adds the Accurate +1 quality, and fully modding increase that to +2 and decreases encumbrance by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

Blaster Actuating Module

This is an upgrade for blaster pistols similar to the Augmented Spin Barrel for Rifles.  The Basic attachment increases the damage by 1, and the fully modded version increases Damage by an additional 2 points, and gives the Pierce +2 quality.  

Bipod Mount

This upgrade for Blaster Rifles, Carbines, and Light Repeating Blasters.  It takes an action to setup the bipod and gain the benefits of the item.  This decreases the weapon’s cumbersome rating by 2 when firing from a prone or crouched position (or something that the bipod can be braced on).  

Bowcaster Automatic Recocker

This upgrade allows for non-wookies to fire, re-load, and recock a bowcaster.  It gives the bowcaster the Autofire quality.  

Bowcaster Accelerator Enhancement

This upgrade increases the hitting power of the Bowcaster.  The basic attachment increases the weapon’s damage by 1, and the fully modded version increases the Damage by an additional 2, and adds the Pierce +2 quality.

Filed Front Sight

This upgrade removes the front sight from a blaster pistol to make it easier to draw.  This gives the Innate talent (Quick Draw).  It does reduce accuracy at shots beyond short range (increasing the difficulty to hit such targets by one).  The fully modded version makes it easier to conceal the weapon.  

Forearm Grip

The Forearm grip is designed to give additional control of the weapon.  This can only be used on a blaster rifle (not the heavy ones) or a blaster carbine. It decreases the difficulty by 1 for using the weapon while engaged. The fully modded version gives a rank of the Point Blank talent and the Accurate weapon quality.

Marksman Barrel

Designed for Blaster Rifles, the Marksman Barrel is a longer, heavier barrel that increases the weapon’s range band but gives the weapon the Cumbersome 2 quality.  Fully modded, it also grants Accurate +2 and the Innate Talent Sniper Shot.  

Mono-Molecular Edge

This is a melee weapon upgrade that sharpens the blade of an edged weapon to an impossible sharpness.  The basic attachment decreases a weapon’s crit rating by 1 (to a minimum of 1).  The fully modded version gives the weapon the Pierce +2 quality.  

Taking a break

We’re going to stop in the middle of the weapon attachments here and pick up here next time.  Then we’ll hopefully get through the rest of the weapon attachments and then cover the armor attachments.  We hope this helps out with getting a handle on how the customization rules work.  Game On, Game Fans

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