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Equipment for Edge of the Empire part V

Hey Game Fans, we’re back with the conclusion (hopefully) on our series about attachments and mods for Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games.  If you want some explanation of key terms and concepts, check out the first part of this article, which you can find here.  Let’s keep on and get through the rest of the weapon attachments and hopefully finish up the armor attachments.  Now these are all found in the Edge of the Empire corebook and you can find the start of this section on page 187.  Let’s dig in and see what sort of mischief we can get into.

Weapon Attachments, Continued

Multi-Optic Sight

An enhanced scope designed to eliminate a host of background concealments and obstructions for the professional soldier, the Multi-Optic Sight is a boon to a long ranged shooter.  A two piece system connecting the enhanced sensor module to a pair of goggles, this attachment allows the user to perform a number of ridiculous feats of gunplay.  The basic attachment removes up to 2 Black dice from the dice pool caused by environmental conditions that have an effect on vision.  The fully upgraded version also adds 2 points to the Perception skill.

Spread Barrel

A reconfiguration of the barrel assembly to a blaster rifle or a blaster carbine, this attachment rearranges the energy dispersal pattern of that weapon.  Instead of a single concentrated beam of energy, the Spread Barrel fires multiple smaller beams allowing the shooter to hit multiple targets with a single pull of the trigger.  The basic attachment gives the weapon the Blast (4) quality and reduces the range by one band (Long goes to medium, medium goes to short).  The fully modded version adds two more points to the Blast quality.  

Serrated Edge

This is a fairly simple attachment for a bladed melee weapon.  Reworking the cutting surface to include several tearing edges this grants the weapon the capability to inflict awful wounds to both flesh and bone.  It gives the weapon the Vicious (+1) quality.  

Superior Weapon Customization

Any weapon can be upgraded to a superior quality weapon under the care of a skilled mechanic. By using the best components and reworking all of the components to customize the weapon to its owner’s specifications, this attachment is as much a work of art as it is a weapon. This attachment grants the Superior quality and can be applied to any weapon.  

Shortened Barrel

This attachment swaps out the standard barrel of a pistol (or similar sized weapon) for a shorter one.  This makes concealing the weapon considerably easier at the expense of range.  The Base attachment reduces the difficulty of concealing a weapon by one, but reduces the weapon’s range by 1 band.  If the weapon was a Short range weapon, it adds 1 black die to the dice pool.  Fully modded, it adds the Innate talent (quick draw).  

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

This attachment adds an additional weapon to an existing rifle sized (ranged: Heavy) weapons.  By adding a grenade launcher to the frame of the rifle, it gives the wielder some options for alternative weapon loadouts.  The basic attachment allows the Rifle to fire grenades (using the Ranged: Heavy) skill.  This weapon has medium range, adds Cumbersome (+1) to the weapon and increases it’s Encumbrance by 2. Grenades are a limited ammunition 1 weapon by nature, and the Launcher has this property as well.  Fully Modded, the launcher has an additional 5 Limited Ammunition +1 improvements.  

Underbarrel Flame Projector

Like the Grenade launcher above, this attachment adds an underbarrel weapon to an existing rifle sized weapon.  In this case, it’s a flamethrower with a completely separate profile from the rifle itself.  It’s got stats of its own on page 192.  It has no additional mods beyond the basic attachment.

Telescopic Optical Sight

An enhanced scope designed to enhance and magnify images for long range shooting.  This attachment allows the user to perform long range shots with frequency and ease.  The basic attachment reduces the difficulty of shots at long and extreme range by 1.  

Tripod Mount

An enhanced frame with stabilization and compensators for the heaviest of weapons,  This attachment is designed to make firing larger weapons much easier on the operator.  It is only applicable to light and heavy repeating blaster weapons, and the portable gunnery skill weapons.  It takes two maneuvers to set up a tripod, and once it’s set up, the weapon can’t be moved (except to pivot it on the spot.)  The basic attachment decreases the weapons Cumbersome value by 3.  The fully modded version reduces this by two additional points.

Weapon Sling

This attachment makes it easier to handle and carry a long arm weapon.  These can only be use with Ranged (heavy) weapons and the basic attachment decreases the Cumbersome rating by 1.  The fully modded version adds the Innate Talent (Quick Draw) quality to the weapon.  

Weapon Harness

An enhanced powered framework allows a single operator to carry and fire the largest and most cumbersome man portable weaponry.  It can only be used with Ranged (Heavy) and Gunnery Weapons, but the basic attachment reduces the weapon’s cumbersome rating by 2.  The Fully modded version ands the Innate Talent (Brace) quality.

Weighted Head

An enhancement for either bludgeoning weapons or gloves, this attachment reinforces the material used to make the weapon or reinforces the gloves themselves with heavy materials. This increases the damage and impact of the weapon.  The basic attachment adds +1 Damage, and the fully modded version adds an additional +1 Damage and the +1 Concussive Quality.  

Armor Attachments

Cortosis Weave

By layering the armor material with cortosis crystals, this attachment significantly reduces the penetration of energy weapons but is hideously expensive.  The basic attachment adds the Cortosis quality to the armor.

Thermal Shielding System

An environmental system designed to protect the wearer from absurd extremes of heat, this attachment enable operations in high temperature areas that are capable of killing unshielded creatures.  The basic attachment makes resilience checks to resist heat 1 easier, and removes 2 black dice from the dice pool for actions in hot or burning environments.  

Heating system.

A cold weather counterpart to the Thermal Shielding System, this attachment is designed to keep the wearer warm and toasty in frozen environments.  The benefits are the same as the Thermal Shielding system, except they are for cold environments rather than hot ones.  

Enhanced Optics Suite

An enhanced set of audio and visual sensors and receivers..  The basic attachment removes up to 2 Black dice from the dice pool caused by environmental conditions (for vision)  for Perception, Surveilence, and Vigilance skills checks, and from combat skill checks..  The fully upgraded version also adds 1 point to the Vigilance skill.

Strength Enhancing System

An enhanced myomer powered musculature or a variety of other systems designed to enhance the physical strength of the wearer of a specific suit of armor.  This basic attachment adds 1 to the Brawn of the suit’s wearer (without increasing the soak or wound threshold).  Fully modded, it also adds 2 points to the Athletics skill, and 2 Innate Talent (Brace) qualities.

Optical Camouflage System

An enhanced stealth system that uses a variety of systems and sensor baffles to let the wearer blend into the background and avoid detection by a variety of sensor systems.  This is a fragile system not ideal for combat armor and much more suited to infiltration and other stealthy work.  The basic attachment increases the ability of all Stealth Checks performed by the wearer by 2.  Fully modded it adds the Innate Talent (Master of Shadows) quality and gives the user a +1 skill mod for Stealth.

Superior Armor Customization

Like the weapon attachment of the same name, this armor attachment gives the armor the Superior quality.  

Vacuum Sealed

An enhanced environmental attachment that allows the user to survive in a vacuum environment for up to 10 minutes.  It is also sealed against hostile environments and other negative atmospheric problems.  It can only be applied to laminate or battle armor suits.  The basic attachment allows the wearer to survive in hostile atmospheres or vacuums for up to 10 minutes without any adverse effects.


And that is our breakdown of how attachments and mods work for armor and weapons.  We’re probably going to cover a bunch of the core mechanics next week, but Starships and Vehicles are on the horizon.  Game On, Game Fans.

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