Adventurer's League Season 2 Compilation

Hey Game Fans, this is our write up of the adventures presented by the Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer's League for it's Second Season, the Elemental Evil Story Arc.

Season 2 Breakdown:

Getting Started and DDEX 2-1:

DDEX 2-2 and DDEX 2-5:

DDEX 2-6 and DDEX 2-7:

DDEX 2-8 and DDEX 2-10:

DDEX 2-11 and DDEX 2-12:

DDEX 2-16:

Upper Level Track

DDEX 2-3 and DDEX 2-4:

DDEX 2-9 and DDEX 2-13

DDEX 2-14 and DDEX 2-15

Princes of the Apocalypse:

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