Thursday, June 7, 2018

We need to have a talk about Tyler

With the recent revelations about the profoundly disturbing and predatory behavior laid at the feet of Tyler Carpenter, we need to have a chat. I’m an outsider looking in, but it has come out in the open that Tyler has abused several of the people in his closest circle of gaming friends in ways that hurt the soul and the heart. I have spent the last couple of days trying to process all of this and coming to a thing that i can do to try and help. I am usually pretty good with words, but the impact of this revelation has stripped me of that capacity. I’m going to try to express this in ways that i hope help out everyone affected by this trauma.

First and Foremost, I believe everyone who is levelling these accusations and coming forth to show this behavior. It is unconscionable and unacceptable behavior that i wouldn’t dream of wishing on my worst enemies. Tyler has put the people closest to him, the people that trusted him and let him into their lives through this behavior. I am so very sorry to all of you that were put through this and have had this touch your lives. I do not know how to help you through this pain and suffering. I, like many member of the communities affected by this, am paralyzed by the enormity of this pain. I will help how and where i can.

Tyler was one of the first people i interviewed for my blog early last year when the Battletech game was still in design. That interview was deleted last night because i don’t feel like giving him a platform to showcase himself. There are dozens of articles on this blog that mention him and his work on various other projects and platforms and i thought about deleting those as well. The only reason i am not is because they feature some truly amazing work from other people, and their success in spite of Tyler’s involvement should be celebrated and shared.

I do not know what the situation at Harebrained Schemes is regarding his continued employment at that company, but i can only imagine the horror show that’s happening behind closed doors. The Hyper RPG and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment communities have already reported that he will not be apart of any of their future programming. I do not know if this is a universe where Tyler receives the full weight of the pain and suffering he has caused to his friends, but i hope it is.

So what do we do going forward?

I honestly don’t know. My heart is still hurting and i am astonishingly angry. Why didn’t we stop this sooner? What the hell is wrong with you? Why would you think this behavior is acceptable anywhere, anywhen, anyhow? We have work together to protect the people who survived this predation and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. The impact crater left by these revelations shattered trust and bonds that may never recover. All i can do is try to help the people who need it, and make sure that the people who are hurting try to find some solace.

If by some chance you’re reading this Tyler, Shame on you. You shattered parts of the communities that welcomed you in and subjected your friends to a horror show. These were your closest friends and you treated them like this. How could you? We are going to be dealing with your bullshit for years to come. Shame on You.

If anyone wants a reasonably friendly ear to talk to, or needs to vent, i am here to listen. The community took care of me in December after my mother passed away, and i will never forget all of you for doing that. I don’t know where we go from here, but i will do my best to try and help where i can.

Talk to all of you later

Matthew Wilkins

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