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The Lions of New Caliban ( Warhammer 40K Lore)

Hey Game Fans, today we’re going to talk a little bit about one of my favorite subjects in the Universe, the Lore of Warhammer 40,000. There’s a lot of it, from the earliest days of Rogue Trader, to the Horus Heresy, and even into the new frontiers created by the advancement of the story that ties into the 8th edition of the game. Two things to keep in mind for Warhammer 40,000 is that there really aren’t any good guys and the battle being fought is a war of attrition.

Some of the factions have good intentions, like the Grey Knights and their intention to stop incursion of Daemonic forces that spill into the real world or the T’au and their cultural unification through their pursuit of the Greater Good. However, these intentions are usually marred by horrific practices and a willingness to accomplish these goals throughout whatever means are available. The universe is a dark and ugly place and that mars the people in the universe in indescribable ways.

Winning the overall conflict of Warhammer 40,000 would require a firm understanding of what that conflict is, and realizing who is supposed to be fighting it. None of the factions are especially friendly with each other and many of them have lingering hatreds, blood feuds, and vendettas that will keep them from being friendly. Horrible from a standpoint of coordinating allies, but wonderful for a wargame.

Today we’re going to look at the Lore behind my Imperial Knights force, House Nox and their history with the larger Imperium. Our story begins in the shadow of Old Night and the splintering of the first humans who settled the stars. The planet Renbrall was settled by well meaning colonists who brought a fully functional STC with them, including the programs that would allow them to build the Knight class of imperial walkers. Renbrall was led by House Nox, who turned these knights into a bulwark against raiders from other alien species during this time. One of these raiders introduced a pathogen into the atmosphere of Renbrall during one of these many battles and it forced most of the population beneath the surface into climate controlled enclaves.

During the Emperor’s Great Crusade, the world was rediscovered by imperial forces under the command of the Imperial Fists. The Imperial Fists landed a small scouting party to explore the seemingly abandoned world and fell into an ambush laid by the Xenos. The Knights of House Nox assisted the Fists and turned back the Xenos attack. With the two groups working together, they were able to drive off the invading Xenos, but the damage had been done to their atmosphere. What had been a thriving world with a population in the billions had been reduced to a few million straggling survivors.

Lord Gideon Nox made his plea to the Emperor and pledged his house to the Great Crusade and in exchange, the Emperor’s allies the Mechanicum tried to repair the damage to the world. They were partially successful, and the world was rendered habitable again. House Nox requested a wave of settlers, and the Emperor (through his agents) deemed the most suitable colonists that would be close enough hailed from the recently rediscovered world of Caliban. Soon the settlers outnumbered the original inhabitants, and House Nox changed the name of the world to New Caliban to honor their new allies and friends.

The Horus Heresy would be a trying time for the people of New Caliban. The rest of the galaxy tore itself apart, but the Xenos who had plagued the world returned to blanket the world in pain and blood. The population suffered again, but they were able to hunt down the Xenos and destroy their hidden fortifications on the planet’s moons. Finally, New Caliban was free.

After the Heresy

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, The knights of House Nox were pulled in two distinct directions. Gideon and his personal guard made their way to Caliban and were present when the Dark Angels converted what was left of their Fortress Monastery into the Rock. His eldest child, Baroness Kylara Nox led the rest of the Knight house on a crusade of righteous vengeance against the xenos. Twenty long years would pass before Kylara brought her kinsmen home, and though they were vastly reduced in numbers, the sector was free of Xenos.

The Nox Dynasty has ruled over their homeworld of New Caliban ever since. In that time, they have expanded their influence over the moons that surround their homeworld. Their forces have been deployed time and again to support the war efforts of the larger imperium. More than once the sound of their macro-landers deploying their knights into the heart of the fight has roused their allies back into the fight.

House Sigil: A Lion’s head in white on a Dark Blue Field

Important Personages (Knights)

High Queen Kylara Nox (The Night Ascendant)

Named after her legendary ancestor, the current ruler of New Caliban is the High Queen Kylara Nox. Kylara is a cold, distant ruler who takes to the field in the Night Ascendant, a Knight Castellan. The Night Ascendant is a brutal Imperial Knight with a bellicose machine spirit.

Baron Francisco Nox (The Adamant Soul)

Francisco is the High Queen’s Consort and bodyguard. A legendary duelist with a blade, Francsico is also the pilot of the Knight Gallant the Adamant Heart. The Adamant Heart has suffered horrific damage in the past but it has never faltered in the task of protecting the High Queen. Compared to the Night Ascendant, the Adamant Soul is a calm Knight, with a machine spirit that seems to know exactly where it’s supposed to be.

Baroness Juras Nox (The Resolute)

Juras is the youngest daughter of Kylara and has only recently completed her trials to take up the throne of the Resolute. The Resolute is a Questoris class Knight Crusader. The Resolute features a Battle Cannon in place of the typically found Thermal Cannon and can be found in the thick of the fighting, pouring it’s weaponry into columns of tanks or heavy infantry.

Baron Lydia Nox (The Young Lion)

Lydia Nox is the Gatekeeper for House Nox and is the eldest member of House Nox that still takes the field. She maintains the traditions and honors of the House and greets all visitors to the surface of New Caliban. Her Knight, The Paladin class Young Lion has been her constant companion over the last 150 years.

Lady Petra Nox (The Horn of Gabriel)

Petra is a young member of House Nox that serves the House as Herald during official events and ceremonies. The Horn of Gabriel is a Knight Paladin that has survived heavy combat on numerous worlds throughout the 41st millennium.

Garak and Mila (The Furies)

The Furies were originally a full squadron of Armiger Warglaives. They lost Alecto in a near suicidal assault on a Warhound Titan belonging to Legio Mortis during Gulliman’s Crusade and have not replaced their missing third Knight Armiger.

Hotek and Firra (The Endless Rain)
The Endless Rain are a pair of Helverin Armigers. With dozens of kills on flyers and other fast moving skimmers over the course of their partnership, Hotek and Firra are reluctant to add a third member to their squadron despite the request from Kylara. Time will tell if this is resolved with a duel…

Sir Mitch (The Reverent Light)

Sir Mitch is a Knight of small fame and fortune who was recently accepted into the Household after spending many years as a Freeblade. The ancient warrior and his Knight Errant, the Reverent Light, criss crossed the galaxy searching for fame and fortune before he was rescued from a Dark Mechanicum ambush by Lady Petra.

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