Monday, June 25, 2018

Quick Update

Hey Game Fans, Just a quick hobby update (Day Job has been eating time, so not a lot of articles so far these last couple of weeks). The progress is being made on the Seraphon and the T’au. I have the base coats laid in on the Saurus Guard, half of the Saurus Warriors and two of the four Dinosaurs for the army i have. I like the way it looks, but i need to do a couple of fixits before i go to the wash stage. After that it’s highlights and maybe basing. 

The T’au are in a similar state, with most of the Crisis Suits and the Riptide almost ready to wash. I just need to finish a few more helmets and metal bits and then they will be in the same state. Then i need to prime the fire warriors, some drones, and the last few crisis suits. Once i get all that done, i need to finish the Piranha and the Devilfish and that army is basically done with the painting fields. Once i get those two of the table, it’s off to Age of Sigmar 2nd edition.

That means i’ll have a Stormcast Eternal army to paint (and boy howdy are they going to look surprisingly close to my Deathwing army) and a Nighthaunt army to paint. Once those are off the table, i’ll take a break and paint two or three knights (Finish painting them) and then i think it’s time to finish up the Wombotron hobby project and either paint up my Adeptus Mechanicus or Tomb World Mars Necrons. They might get done at the same time.

Things i’ll end up needing to pick up soon-ish:

AoS Terrain

Table extensions to lay out a 4 x 6 table at the house

A 4 x 6 tabletop

A Couple of bookcases to store some of this stuff on

At some point soon ™ I will have pictures up for the Seraphon and the T’au, and then it’s going to be time for a culling. I have a ton of space marines and other models that i will never likely end up using, so i will end up going through the collection and thinning it down. If you’re interested in that, stay tuned for updates.

Have fun and Happy Hobbying. Game On, Game Fans

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