Friday, May 19, 2017

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare (From Modiphius)

Hey Game Fans, we’re back with a look outside our usual comfort box.  Today we’re taking a look at the recently announced Fallout: Wasteland Warfare tactical miniatures game from Modiphius Entertainment.  The website for the game can be found here so go take a look and then we’ll dive in.  I know right?  Look at those wonderful minis!

So let’s take a look at we do know from the teasers we’ve gotten so far.  

  1. The minis are 32 mm scale which makes them slightly bigger than similar models from other games.  This means you should be able to put a wonderful paint job on your miniatures.  
  2. The minis are resin cast, which means that they are probably going to be easier to work with than similar metal models, but not quite as easily convertible as similar plastic model kits.  Price Points are so far unreleased, but these models could fall into an upper middle price range for the miniature marketplace.
  3. Expect minis from major story elements in the Fallout Universe as well as a variety of critters and scenic elements.  I am a personal fan of the Nuka Cola Machine, but i am curious what sort of actual terrain kits we’re looking at for this.  Because they’re at 32 mm scale, they aren’t necessarily going to interact with terrain kits scaled for other games the same way.  
  4. Skirmish Scale:  The blurb in the announcement suggests a game size of between 3 and 30 model per player, with an average size being close to probably 10 or 11.  This is a skirmish sized game where each player controls their own Crew of Wasteland survivors.
  5. Factions:  From the models we’ve seen, we can be sure that the Brotherhood of Steel, the Institute, and the Super Mutants are available.  I can make an educated guess about Survivors, Raiders, Enclave factions also being available.  We’re also noting the presence of a Deathclaw in the models we’ve seen, and there are hints about allies and mercenaries that you can add to your Crew
  6. Modes of Play:  This is my favorite release so far. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare will have multiple modes of play including standard PVP games, a narrative campaign mode, and a Co-operative mode where players work together to complete a scenario.  

So what does this all mean for Fallout Fan?  Well, if you’ve wanted to try your hand at a miniatures game but haven’t found one you liked the aesthetics of, this may be your golden ticket.  Modiphius has done a wonderful job of extrapolating the elements of the Fallout universe into a tabletop format.  If you just want to collect the figures, you have a bevy of options for which models you want to get and how you want to paint them.  This feels like a wonderful mating of a licensed intellectual property with a content producer to create something that feels very honest to its source material while giving you a new way to experience it.

What does it mean for a wargame fan?  Well, the Fallout Universe is a wonderful setting for narrative campaign play like Mordheim or Necromunda.  You get the joys of exploring the Wasteland while painting up your Crew in the colors you pick.  Since it’s a skirmish level game, you can get into the game for a reasonable price (don’t hold me to this, price points haven’t been released yet), and you don’t need a massive collection of models to play the game.  Scenario packs and other expansions are hinted at as part of a Day 1 release, so we’ll let you know more as we get closer to November.  
Now I’m going to toss up some of the pretty pictures we’ve seen.  These are owned by Modiphius and/or Bethesda and are in no way challenges to their ownership and/or copyrights.  
Super Mutant.png

Like we said earlier, we are very excited by this release and hope to be able to share more with you as we get closer to release.  That’s our Mystery Box for this week, we hope you found it as exciting as we did.  

Game On, Game Fans

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