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Equipment for Edge of the Empire (Multipasses not Included)

Hey Game Fans, we’re back to take a look at the equipment you’re going to probably utilize at some point during your games of Edge of the Empire from Fantasy Flight Games.  Star Wars has a rich history of cool gadgets and gizmos that crop up during important scenes during various movies, games and books.  They are an essential part of life on the fringes of society and can do a lot of things.  We’re not going to talk about Droids today (mostly because they are much better as a species discussion) nor are we going to talk about vehicles and starships (those belong in their own article).  We’re going to cover the other pieces of technology that make life a much easier proposition in the Star Wars RPG.  Now there are a lot of different kind of equipment, and we’re going to try cover as much ground as we can.  Let’s take a deeper look at Equipment.


There are a lot situations in Star Wars that require two (or more) characters to be able to interact with each other at a distance.  The two primary forms of equipment that enable this are Comlinks and Holo-Messengers.


Comlinks allow for auditory communication between two or more characters.  From and capability vary by type, and range from small helmet mounted comlinks for close interactions to backpack mounted comlinks that can transmit and receive for hundreds of kilometers.  


Holo-Messengers are a more expensive communications device that allows for the recording of/transmission of visual information.  These crop up a lot in revenge fantasies or hostage situations.  


Poisons are a host of different chemicals, toxins, and other ingredients that cause a negative reaction to most species.  There are a lot of different and exotic types that can appear during the course of a game, but the three most common types are a neurotoxin, an anesthetic and a neuroparalytic.Check out the specific rules for each one in the descriptions on page 172.  


Neurotoxins are intended to hurt, maim or kill their targets.  They are introduced to the targets in a variety of methods, but all have the same general effect and are resisted the same way.  


Used medically to induce unconscious, Anesthetic has a few uses for the enterprising criminal.  With a variety of potential applicators, Anesthetics can do a lot of work for criminals who are looking for alternatives to violence.  


As the name would suggest, Neuroparalytic poisons are intended to render the target incapable of moving or acting.  I’m sure that some of you criminal types can think of some creative uses for neuroparalytic poisons, right?


Bad things happen every so often in Star Wars, and replacement limbs/parts are sometimes necessary.  Further, you can also acquire cybernetic upgrades to improve your performance in a variety of ways.  Keep in mind that you can only have a number of cybernetic implants equal to your character’s brawn rating, and weapons that are designed to disable droids affect cybernetic augmentations as well.  It’s going to be very hard to open a jar of pickles if both of your cybernetic arms have been disabled.  

Cybernetic Arms (Mod V and Mod VI)

Designed to replace limbs lost to injury, the Cybernetic arms are full replacement limbs.  The Mod V increases Brawn, while the Mod VI increases Agility. If you are replacing both arms, you have to select the same Mod in order to gain the benefit.  (No Mix and matching).  

Cybernetic Legs (Mod II and Mod III)

Like the arms listed above, Cybernetic legs are generally designed for people who’ve lost limbs through injury or accident.  They are full replacements, and the Mod II increases Brawn and the Mod III increases Agility.  As with the arms, the legs have to be used in matched sets, if both limbs are replaced.  

Cybernetic Brain Implant

The Cybernetic Brain Implant is designed to improve computational ability and other intelligence based tasks.  It gives a +1 bonus to Intelligence and includes both a comlink and a computer link access.  

Implant Armor

Made from a variety of interesting components, Implant armor is designed as a less obvious alternative to heavier armor.  It provides +1 Soak.  

Cybernetic Eyes

Cybernetic eyes are extremely complicated and expensive to produce.  They give the user increased visual acuity and recognition capacities.  It gives +1 Vigilance and +1 Perception.

Immune Implant

Designed as a booster to the bearer’s immune system, the immune implant is very common among galactic travellers.  It gives +1 Resilience.

Cybernetic Weapon

The idea of an implanted weapon has been worked on for years before a commercially viable option was available.  Consisting of a cybernetic limb with a light blaster pistol hidden within it, the Cybernetic Weapon is a surprise to most citizens of the galaxy.  The pistol can’t be dropped, removed or disarmed without removing the limb it’s attached to.  

Cyberscanner Limb

For the worker on the go (who’s misplaced a limb) The cyberscanner limb incorporates a portable scanner.  It’s covered in synthflesh, and looks like a regular limb.  

Prosthetic Replacements

There are entire lines of mechanical replacements and augmetics for people who’ve been injured and or lost limbs.  These Prosthetics provide no additional benefit, but allow the person to function normally.  

Detection Devices

There are several different types of equipment that enable characters to detect or notice things outside their normal sensory range.  Most are keyed to visual detection, and in some cases these visual tools can be incorporated into helmets or armor systems.  


Complicated visual sensors, Electrobinoculars enable vision in low light and high light conditions, and can magnify targets up to 10 km away.  


A cheaper alternative to Electrobinoculars, Macrobinoculars can magnify targets up to 10 km away.  They lack the light filtering properties and other fancier upgrades found in the more expensive electrobinoculars.

Scanner Goggles

Scanner goggles enhance low light and enable the user to see in the dark.  

General Purpose Scanner

Designed to pick up emissions and a host of other effects that are outside the normal spectra of sensory inputs that most species have access to, the general purpose scanner picks up radiation, energy emissions, life forms, heat fronts and a host of combinations of the above.

Hand Scanner

Hand Scanners are diagnostic instruments built to run specific diagnostic tests on a variety of subjects.  Medisensors are extremely common hand scanners, but other types exist.  

Surveillance Taggers

Tiny sensor beacons that allow the object “tagged” to be tracked by a variety of sensor systems.  These can be applied with a variety of methods and are very hard to identify because of their size.  

Next Time

All right Game Fans, we’re starting to run a little long with this one, so we’re going to leave off here for now.  We’ll try and catch the rest of the Equipment next time.  We hope this gives you an idea of the things that are available for you to utilize in your game of Edge of the Empire.  Game On.

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