Friday, December 30, 2016

End of Year 2016

We’ve had a pretty good year so far in 2016 despite getting a later start than we intended.  2017 is looking towards a bright future and we’ll continue looking at some topics and things, and since we publish across multiple platforms, we’ll be looking at a lot of interesting things in 2017.  You can expect the following to continue:
  • Our Player’s Choices series will continue to look at the options available for Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Our Battletech Features will continue, and we’ll be looking at more in depth how to play options for both Battletech and Alpha Strike
  • Our Adventurer’s League review will continue with a focus on Season 2 and 3 of that program, and hopefully we catch up with the rest of the series

Now we’re going to restructure things a little bit (and that’s why we’re posting a schedule of when we expect things to go up) and we’re adding some new things

  • Star Wars will be getting a brand new weekly feature.  This is most likely going to take the form of the Fantasy Flight Games RPG, as well as their Star Wars: the Card Game line.  We’ve been playing Star Wars for nearly 20 years now, and we thought it was time to feature it again.
  • We’re also going to feature the Mystery Box on Fridays.  The Mystery Box represents all the other cool stuff that we bump into on the internet that’s gaming related and doesn’t fit into one of our other categories.  Like
    • Product reviews for new dice companies, gaming accessories, and company spotlights on the folks who make cool gaming related stuff.
    • Spotlights on specific games that we don’t cover, like Call of Cthulhu, Deadlands, Mutants and Masterminds, and a host of other things that might be cool to see
    • Guest Columns from some friends of mine
    • Miniature spotlights and looks at companies that are making cool stuff
    • Podcasts, Twitch channels, and other programming that we think is the bee’s knees
    • Hopefully more people are willing to talk to us for interviews.  
  • If things work out well, we might do some podcasting, and hopefully get more media content so we have pictures to go with all of our words words words words.

So that’s where we look like we’re going for 2017.  If you like what we do and think you want us to take a look at your stuff, send us a note.  We’re easy to find on facebook, twitter, and on our blog.  We hope you continue to have safe, happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.  

Game on, Game Fans
We’ll see you next year

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