Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tempestus Scions Mega Project (Warhammer)

So let me preface this by saying i’m going to spend my money on Warhammer miniatures because i am in fact, quite mad. I’ve had an idea percolating in my head for awhile about some things i want to build, and today i’m going to show you sort of how that is going to work, if i am in fact the modeling wizard i hope to be (I probably am not, but it’s going to be fun to try) The army project i am going to be putting together is a Tempestus Scion detachment to roll around with either my Deathwing Terminators, or my Imperial Knight Titan household. They also would be good allies for my Adeptus Mechanicus army (and if i wanted to try full Imperial Soup, they could hang out with everybody). So, let’s take a look at the kits i’m planning to pick up (At or around Gencon) and see what sort of trouble I’ll be trying to get into with these minis.

Purchase List

Forgebane Boxed Set x 2
Van Saar Gang x2
Start Collecting Militarium Tempestus x2

So what does this net us for this particular project?

20 Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii bodies
20 Van Saar Gang Bodies
10 Tempestus Scion Bodies
10 Tempestus Scion Command Bodies
2 Taurox Primes
2 Comissars

Not used in this project but still relevant

4 Imperial Knight Armigers (they’ll be joining my Imperial Knight Household, the Unforgiven)

All the Necrons from the Forgebane box (which will get added to my Mars Tombworld project)

Not Relevant, Not Used

Super Mega Deluxe Tech Priest x 2 (if you’re looking for them, let me know, I already have two from my first Ad Mech excursion, i don’t need 4).

So what does this look like?

These are the links to the models as they come from GW before i start the converting process

Militarium Tempestus Start Collecting (Here)
Forgebane (Here)
Van Saar Gang (Here)

I am probably going to end up building both Tempestor Primes (different loadouts) and the 2 Comissars for a choice of up to four HQ choices.

The two Taurox Primes are going to get magnetized turrets, so i can pick which choices end up supporting the rest of the army best.

That leaves us with 58 bodies to build the rest of the army.

My goal is to end up with the following units

2 Command Squads
5 Tempestus Scion Squads (fieldable as either 5 or 10 man squads)

Within that, i also want to have enough models to be able to field a Van Saar gang if the urge to play Necromunda strikes.

So what i have ahead of me once i actually have all the parts in front of me is to figure out which torso bits work with which legs and then dry fit the arms for everyone. This is the part of the hobbying that i am looking forward to the most because it will require me to cut and reshape some parts and break out the green stuff to blend and get things to look the way i want them to.

One of the things that’s going to make this project neat is the absolute profusion of heads i’ll end up with. The Skitarri have two sets of heads that i may end up using for this project. The Van Saar Gang has some neat head options, and the Tempestus Scions have an abundance of neat looking head choices. Between the head choices and some greenstuff, i should have the bits to make each of my squads distinct enough to be identifiable as separate squads.

I’m also going to end up with a stupid amount of guns left over, so i may pick up some extra bits off of ebay to build some special weapons guys or some other variants.

Paint Scheme?

Well this is where things get awkward. The armies they’d be rolling in share a Rakarth flesh based white color as the primary color with varying degrees of Red, Green, and Black as their accents (also Leadbelcher). That means that i can use those as accents to make them fit their allies, but i would rather stretch out the paint legs and work out something else.

What i will probably end up doing is either using the white as an accent color for either a dark brown or a dark blue base. I might also end up digging through the GW Color Wheel and see if a color smacks me in the face and says pick me.

Thoughts and Things

Now i have no idea how this is all going to turn out, and i am going to end up looking at some more parts and pieces between now and the excursion. Stay tuned to this space to see if we get anything else worked on while we think more deep thoughts about this army project. I may get some lizards and some T’au painted before then, and i’ll put together a photo gallery for that soon as well. Game on, Game Fans.

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