Monday, March 19, 2018

Convention Season

This is a quick little anecdote about one of the most personally enjoyable interactions i have ever had at a convention. It was Gencon several years back and it was the first one i really remember going to by myself. This was years before i’d considered starting a blog and i was repping the school gaming club i was the president of at the time. It was one of those overcast days and i managed to find a table at the Steak and Shake right there next to the Indy convention center. I look over and see three guys and a couple of kids and i notice the shirt one of them is wearing. It’s a battletech shirt, and i don’t recognize the mech. I say something and this starts a conversation.

As it turns out, these three guys are Herb Beas, Randal Billis, and Brent Evans. They are employees of Catalyst Game Labs the makers of battletech, and absolutely some of the nicest people i have ever met. Brent (who later on signs a technical readout for me) even shows me the new Alpha Strike unit cards (I ended up buying a set later at the con). We had a pleasant conversation about the game and i ended up having a similar conversation a few years later with the folks who designed the Star Trek Attack Wing rules. (I’ll save the Steve Jackson fat joke for next time).

If you can get to a convention, be friendly, you never know who you’re going to meet. Game On, Game Fans.  By the way, we'll be at Gencon, and it'll be part of some giveaways and other stuff, so stay tuned for updates

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  1. Oh that's funny, what a great story. Yeah we still make a pilgrimage to Steak & Shake every year at Indy. Great times! Thanks for the memory, MechWarrior. :0)

    Brent Evans