Friday, July 14, 2017

Mystery Box Friday (Bulette Storm)

Hey Game Fans, It’s friday so it’s time for us to dig into our Mystery Box and revisit one of our favorite wesbites.  Today we’re going to take a look at Bulette Storm, from Loot The Room.  Written by the prolific Chris Bissette, Bulette Storm is a standalone adventure for 4th level characters.
It makes for an excellent one shot adventure or as a pressure valve for a longer running campaign.  If you are looking at the credits, yes we contributed to the pun bank that Chris used to title certain sections of the adventure.  This adventure was written by Chris as a special thank you to the gaming community that comprises his patrons on Patreon, and this adventure is a lot of fun packed into a tight space.  Oh, and it has Land Sharks. 

Bulette Storm

The Details

This adventure is designed for tier 1 play, (4th level characters).  Setup as a side quest, you can run the entirety of Bulette Storm in a single session of play.  The adventure can easily be finished in a single four hour session, depending on which encounters and components the DM wants to use (the adventure itself suggests between 3 and 5 hours).  This adventure has a fairly straightforward and tight timeline.  Things are happening around the characters and if they choose to dawdle or don’t hit the ground running, the consequences could be dire.  

The Hook

Concord is a small town with a vibrant harvest festival that stimulates the economy and draws in neighboring towns.  There have been sightings of a bulette in the area and local hunters have taken to the woods and have brought back a dead bulette as proof that the creature has been slain.  The mayor isn’t so sure and would like some real adventurers to check out the situation and make sure that everything is safe..

The Rub

The town refuses to cancel their festival for any reason and they represent a ticking clock for the characters to manage.  If the characters aren’t quick on their investigation or miss some essential clues, it’s very possible that any lingering traces of Bulette show up during the festival and wreck the town.  The characters will have to manage their time as carefully as their hit points when running through this adventure.  

The Rating

This was an easy 5 star adventure for me.  It features a monster that doesn’t get a lot of play, the bulette.  If the adventure sounds similar to you, you should have fun with your players by playing some very specific cello music while they are looking for the critter.  It plays fast and requires some thinking but doesn’t bog the game down with trying to solve incredibly complex puzzles.  I am a huge fan of this adventure.  (Also, the adventure comes in 5 different formats including a fully interactive PDF version, plus a map pack).  

Where to find?

You can find Bulette Storm at the DM’s Guild here.  You can also find Chris’s Blog, Loot the Room here.  Check out his Ennie nominated work, Game Fans.


Bulette Storm is a fun little side quest to inject a change of pace into your game.  This is a good diversion to an existing campaign or a wonderful way to jumpstart a new one.  I like the adventure’s pacing and layout, and i enjoy the pacing of it.  Make sure you check it out, and it’s a free adventure to add to your files.  I can think of a lot of different times and places where i could use this adventure and i hope you can find something to do with it.  Game On, Game Fans.

That’s our review of Bulette Storm, and we hope you guys take a look at it.  

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