Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Death From Above (Looking into the bright Future)

So we’re coming close to the conclusion of Death From Above’s second season.  The civil war on Zathras is lurching towards its violent conclusion. Will the Imperial family pull together to protect their planet, or does it all come tumbling down in a wave of violence?  The Season Finale is August 11th, so if you’ve fallen behind, don’t worry, check the youtube archives and catch up.  We do know a few things about the insanity that is going into Season 3 (Yes, there is a season 3).  

First, we’re having a GM change, as Tyler Carpenter is relinquishing his command chair to Chris Ode (if the name seems familiar, he plays Duke Erasmus on DFA, and is a principal operator in Masters of the Metaverse on Monday Nights).  Chris has created some of my favorite encounters (Check out DFA Renegades), and i am excited to see what fresh mischief he comes up with.  

Second, the timeline is rolling forward.  Tyler said something to the effect of “You can only go bumming around the Periphery in 3025 for so long as Mercenaries.” This means that Season 3 will feature both a change in the timeline and in the characters we’re going to see.  Will we see Connor, Steph, Aya, Strix and some of our other favorites make new characters or will they pass the torch off to a new cast?  I’m giddy with the prospect of seeing this cast make something new and exciting to interact with the battletech universe.  (special shout out to the renegades, the host of OpFors and all of the other amazing guests we’ve seen in the first two seasons, you’re all wonderful people).

Speaking of the Timeline rolling forward, we’re hopping on the temporal accelerator and heading into the future.  There are a lot of interesting time periods they can choose to visit along the way.  The next major historical event (not including the 4th Succession War, because it’s about to kick off in the current season) is the War of 3039, which is the combined Federated Commonwealth (Spoilers) invasion of the Draconis Combine.  This has some interesting options for storytelling, but the event after that should draw a LOT of attention is the Clan Invasion.  

I honestly don’t know where we going (or when for that matter) but i am deeply curious to see where the ride is going.  So, let’s hop on Thumpers and see where the ride is going to take us.  I think it’s going to be a fun ride, so I hope the return of Season 3 is a quick turn around.  The other thing to consider is that the Inner Sphere is a huge place and there are a million stories you can tell in it.  I hope you hang on for the ride.

In conclusion, a huge thank you to the current production team who’ve spent the last two years building this amazing thing we can share on Friday nights.  Those of you that are moving on to other projects, all the love.  Those of you who are sticking around i am very intrigued by the stories you are going to tell.  Massive thanks to the folks at Hyper RPG, Harebrained Schemes, and the larger Thumper Family.  It’s going to be fun, and i can’t wait to see what happens next.  

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Game On, Game Fans

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