Friday, January 27, 2017

Wyrmwood Gaming Screen

Wyrmwood is at it again with another excellent offering in their woodcraft line of gaming accessories.  Just released on Kickstarter, they are offering a completely customizable gaming screen in a variety of wood grains, with a suitably impressive array of options. With the quality that Wyrmwood is known for, and their use of magnets as fasteners, They are offering a customizable product that can change from session to session depending on the needs of the game.   Let’s take a closer look at the new offering to the gaming accessory market.  

Wyrmwood Magnetic Game Master Screen


Look at it!  It’s amazing!  Featuring interchangeable components that are attached by way of magnets, It’s a fairly simple task to rearrange panels and shuffle storage elements as needed.  With multiple points of connection and options, this allows a game master to put the information they personally want at their fingertips.  Game masters can change systems by replacing the information that goes into each panel, and everything else associated with this screen is easy to customize.  Let’s look at each of the individual components and see what sort of interesting awesome that Wyrmwood has on display.

Classic Pannel

The Classic panel is the backbone (pardon the semi intended pun) of the Wyrmwood Game Master Screen.  Featuring magnetic connection points on all four sides, it’s capable of connecting to any of the other components easily, and the magnets are the same quality that hold other wonderful products in the Wyrmwood family together.  

Acrylic sheets allow the GM to load both sides of the panel with custom charts, artwork, or anything else their GM heart desires.  Further, the Acrylic is dry erase friendly, so you can add your own features or take notes.  

Rotation Panel

Augmenting the classic panel with a reversible insert, the Rotational panel can be used to hide specific details or reveal them as the game master decides.  It features the same options for acrylic sheets, but the important feature is the reversible insert.  Some adventures feature specific artwork for important npcs, maps, and other visual cues and clues that enhance the gaming experience, and this gives the GM an excellent way to show off these features while maintaining the pace of the game.  

Two Way Tower

This is probably my favorite accessory in the package.  It’s a fairly stand design for a dice tower with one significant twist.  With the flip of a lever, the Game Master can decide if the dice rolled are visible to the players or if they’re hidden behind the screen.  I’m still not entirely sold on the necessity of a dice tower, but i think this is one of the coolest options i’ve seen.  

In the picture above, the tower has two additional trays to collect the dice and keep them from flying around the table.  These are an additional purchase you’ll need to make if you want to keep those pesky dice from zipping all over the place.

Initiative Tracker

The initiative tracker mounts to any of the edges of a panel and features slots for inserting individual initiative tracking cards.  Easy to use with the dry erase markers that go so well with the rest of the acrylic sheets featured in other components, this allows a Game Master (and players, if the GM is so inclined) to track initiative at a glance.  

Chest of Holding

Not unlocked yet (as of the writing of this article, Wyrmwood is sitting at about 114K pledged), the Chest of Holding features a four drawer storage system that holds mini dice trays.  These things will hold just about anything the DM may want at hand, including dice, pawns, minis, or other items that help enhance the game.  I’m hoping this stretch goal is unlocked soon, and i very much like the idea, and it helps complete the screen.  

Other Potentially Shiny Things

Now Wyrmwood is offering a host of potential add ons and other components to customize your particular Game Master Screen, check out the options you’re interested in, and pledge accordingly.

So Kickstarter, right?

Right now, this is a Kickstarter project with a fairly simple pledge program.  Determine the components you want, pledge at one of the pledge spots, and use the campaign manager at the end to place your order, easy peasy.  Wyrmwood has a long history of doing some amazing woodwork, and Kickstarter has been a very good partner for them over the years.  There’s also a distinct possibility that this will become a regular production item in their shop, which you should totally check out.  


Wyrmwood has put their thinking cap on when designing this project.  Customization and adaptability have been hallmarks of the way Wyrmwood does their thing since the beginning.  It’s not a cheap product, and honestly, if you’re looking for a cheap game screen this probably isn’t the product for you.  If, however, you are looking to make a statement at your gaming table and are willing to spend the money to build a customized GM screen, you will have to long far and wide to find a better production grade example than the offering Wyrmwood is presenting.  

Game on Game Fans, and if you’re curious about the other products that Wyrmwood offers, check out the original article we wrote about them way back last year at

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