Friday, January 27, 2017

Treasure Hunt Outline

Those of you that have been keeping up with the random things that fall out of my head might know that I'm working on constructing a fairly large scale adventure is a project.  This is my rough outline of the adventure, broken down into key parts and then encounters.  I use the word encounter as a placeholder for any significant event in the story, whether it's a travel sequence, a set piece battle, a dungeon to explore.  As you can see each part has 7 encounters to play with, and this outline features a background, a prepping your adventuring hooks, and then the follow up, and what happens next.  Finally, there are three appendices listed so far, and I will likely add a 4th to include any and all monster statistics needed to run this adventure.  See what you think, see what's interesting, and i'll starting fleshing out the stems of this outline.   Happy Gaming


Adventure Background

Setting up Your Party

Part 1:  Mead Run

Encounter 1:  The Old Merchant

Encounter 2:  Helpful Passersby

Encounter 3:  The Open Road

Encounter 4:  Dinner at Triboar

Encounter 5: The Huntsman

Encounter 6: The Highwaymen

Encounter 7: Doors

Part 2: The Adventure Begins

Encounter 8: The High Road

Encounter 9: The Missing Caravan

Encounter 10:  The Hidden Valley

Encounter 11: The Glacier that Walks

Encounter 12:  Denizens of the Lost City

Encounter 13:  The Temple of the High City

Encounter 14:  The Long Drop

Part 3:  No Way Out But Up

Encounter 15:  Picking up the Pieces

Encounter 16:  Meeting the Neighbors

Encounter 17: Offerings and Omens

Encounter 18: Hammer and Anvil

Encounter 19: The Low Temple

Encounter 20: The Underway

Encounter 21: Breaching the Stars

Part 4: Everything Burns

Encounter 22:  A Home in Ashes

Encounter 23:  Sifting through the Embers

Encounter 24:  Southward Bound

Encounter 25: The Keeper of Flame

Encounter 26:  The Fire Temple

Encounter 27: The Netherese Connection

Encounter 28: A City in the Clouds

Part 5: Islands in the Sky

Encounter 29: The Lost Bastion

Encounter 30: The Temple of Air

Encounter 31: The Forges

Encounter 32: The Vault

Encounter 33: Beneath a Darkened Sky

Encounter 34: The Lair of Mighty Wyrms

Encounter 35: Landfall

Part 6:Meeting in Samarra

Encounter 36:  Eastward

Encounter 37:  Old Friends Thought Gone

Encounter 38:  The Final Lens

Encounter 39:  The Castle by the Lake

Encounter 40: The Line in the Sand

Encounter 41:  One Final Act of Desperation

Encounter 42: Journey’s End


Follow Up

Appendix A: NPCS

Appendix B: New Monsters

Appendix C: New Magical Items

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