Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Never In Doubt

I’m not sure how to start today off but with a sobering look at what america just did.  We have elected a Republican candidate to the highest office in the land despite the fact that he is vastly unqualified for that position by any reasonable measure of professional political experience.  He brings with him an Evangelical Christian with social policies towards distinct groups of our population that are barbaric.  We also managed to elect a Republican House of Representatives and a Senate that by all accounts should be perfectly capable of helping him accomplish whatever tomfoolery he’s decided to build his presidential legacy upon.  For those of us sitting in marginalized groups staring into a very dark hole, this feels like the end of everything.  

To those of you staring into that abyss, listen to me very carefully.

Take a very deep breath.

You aren’t alone.  

You aren’t the only one feeling this way.

Find your voice

Find your friends

This is something we’ll get through

We’ll get through it together.

There are wonderful communities of people who are open and welcoming to everyone, and these are the times when people will pull together.  Look for them, find your safe spaces.  We will get through this tribulation together.  That’s all this is, another tribulation.  

You’ve been dealing with those your entire lives, haven’t you?  This may feel like the last straw, or one step too far.  You’re hurt, you’re sad, and you’re angry.  Those are perfectly rational feelings to have, and I am hurt, I am sad, and I am angry right now too.  I don’t understand how we got here.  I’m wiping away tears and blowing my nose as i write this.  Don’t take out your anger, your sadness and your hurt on yourself, Don’t do that.  It’s not healthy for anyone, and if you need to find someone to talk to, by all means, do so.  

I can’t imagine what living in america is like for a POC, an immigrant, a muslim american or an LGBTQ youth (or any combination of them, for those of you wonderful people out there), but I know that life is a lot harder on you than it was for me.  I hope that you can continue to find the strength and the resilience to push through this, and i hope that you know that there are people who love and support you in everything that you do.  We’re here for you, and we’ll help you anyway we can.  That will never be in doubt.  

We love you and we need you.  The government may be different, but there are still people who care, and want to help.  Organize your communities, and find your spots to feel safe.  Everyone has a right to feel safe in their own spaces, and especially in their own minds.  

Take a Deep Breath

Hold it,

Let it Out.

Repeat until you have a sense of calm.  It’s okay, we’ll be here until you feel ready.  

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