Friday, October 7, 2016

Vanquished: Valiant RPG show (A show you should be watching)

One of these days i’m just going to put up a link to Hyper RPG on twitch and just leave it there.  I am consistently impressed with their analog role-playing shows and their digital games are fun to watch.  Longtime Readers (i think i actually have a few of those now) will remember my absolute love of Death From Above and CorporateSINs, as well as the fantastic work from Strix on Weekly Affirmations.  Today we’re going to add another show to the things we think you should be watching.  Vanquished is a wonderful show that features the Valiant comic book universe and the roleplaying game created by Catalyst Game Labs.  Let’s take a closer look at the game setup and the principal players.

Zac Eubank, (long suffering grown up/cat herder) serves as the lead narrator for the Valiant game.  Like the Shadowrun: Anarchy game we discussed earlier this week, this game uses the Cue system to make a wonderful cinematic, storytelling experience.  He’s so in love with the  comic book universe from Valiant that it bleeds through into his narrations and he feels like he’s having the best day ever.

A.J. Bolden (who you may remember as Beta from Death From Above) is playing Detective Cross, a Seattle police officer who’s had some hard times fall on him, but managed to get through it.  He’s wonderful in character and a delight to watch around the table with his companions.

Liz Bolden plays Livia.  Livia starts off the show in a rocky place and has to make some interesting choices in the early going to find her place.  Once she gets there though, she’s an absolute delight.  She’s a fun player who embraces the storytelling side of the game, and for that, she’s totally awesome.  

Scott Shuken plays Nebraska, a man lost in time who’s lost more than that.  A gruff character who fully embraces the man out of his own time concept, Nebraska is a blast.  Scott plays him masterfully, and enjoys the universe he’s playing in.  As the show progresses, he get’s his own merchandise, so look out for those if you’re interested.

Terra Clark Olsen plays the wonderfully awkward Arida.  A dedicated conspiracy enthusiast, Arida has finally found what she thinks she’s looking for.  Characterization and mannerism make her an enjoyable player to watch, and her contributions to the story are fantastic.  

Rosslyn Greer is bringing the heat as Ms Eves.  A high powered attorney, Ms. Eves spends her evenings in underground fight clubs beating other people unconscious.  Combining her love of fisticuffs with her of her cat Petunia, Ms. Eves is a wonderful contribution to the Cast, and Rosslyn plays her majestically.  

That Bronze Ghoul also joins the cast as the show progresses playing the delightful Glich.  Glich doesn’t necessarily play by anyone’s rules but her own, and she represents an interesting wild card to a team of budding heroes.  She’s a blast to watch around the table with the rest of the cast.

The story that has been selected uses a lot of elements from the Transcendent’s Edge supplement for the main Valiant RPG line.  It’s currently gearing up for it’s 18th episode and is such a wonderful story telling experience that you should absolutely be watching.  If you have friends that aren’t quite sure they want to get into the numbers and crunch of other RPGs, show them Vanquished and ease them in with a rules light offering.  Vanquished is one of the shows that we definitely think you should be watching.  

Game on, Game Fans


Vanquished is live every Monday, 6 PM PT, at
You can also find it on HYPER RPG’s youtube channel at (The first episode is loaded and ready, but some of the playlists load them backward).

Hyper RPG can be found as usual at their home page at and on Facebook at

The principal cast and GM can be found on twitter at



Valiant Comics can be found on the interwebs at

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