Thursday, October 13, 2016

DFA: Renegades Week 2

Hey Game Fans, Sorry we didn't post anything, we were out of the office with the flu.  Today we're back with a look at the second episode of Death From Above: Renegades.  For those not aware, Renegades is an eight week mini-series put on by Hyper-RPG and the fine folks at Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and is a parallel story to the main Death from Above plot.  It centers around Jackrabbit, a MechWarrior for a frontier/wild west style travelling show, and his two companions Cade and Mack.  The rest of the principal cast are Cotton, a successful mercenary MechCommander and Smalls, a young and freshly tested MechWarrior.  This week's episode starts with the return of Cotton's mercenary command and then things just go sort of wrong...

It features one of the things that I sort of like with people who aren't incredibly familiar with Battletech. Two opposing groups of Mechwarriors get into a shootout inside a Dropship.  Not the Spaceport outside the Dropship, but the actual Dropship proper.  I was talking to the enraged wookie about it, (while poking him with several sticks about getting his dice rolled for his House Davion Unit) and I could hear his jaw drop over the phone.  "What?!?"

Longtime fans of the Battletech Universe know that Dropships are hydrogen powered fusion machines that move things from the surface of a planet to space and back again.  A military dropship like the Half-pint (which is a Union class Dropship) also carries spare fuel for the pair of Aerospace fighters, as well as ammunition, coolant, and other essentials to keep a lot of the combat units up and running.  None of these things are overly fond of exposure to explosives, kinetic energy, or laser or charged particle fire.  I've never heard of anyone getting into a shooting match inside a dropship because it's supremely dangerous. 

People new to Battletech wouldn't know that, and that's absolutely fantastic.  I like it when folks take interesting chances and choices when setting up their games, and a shootout inside a dropship is one of those things.  Aside from the scale of the Dropship being wrong (Normally a Union is only 7 hexes big, 1 in the middle and the six that ring that hex), this was a fun exercise in what sort of mischief you can have when you tinker with the setting some.  I hope the Renegades keep putting together excellent shows like this, and that they keep up the good work. 

You guys are tremendously fun to watch, and I hope someone eventually does punch Jack in his puncy face for the crap he pulls and gets away with.  The Battletech Universe is big enough for a Barry Dylan, and I think Jack needs that kind of a problem in his life. 

On a side note to the cast of Concession Stand, Congratulations on your new home with Hyper RPG as the Cineverse discussion panel.  They put out amazing thoughts and discussions of upcoming films, as well as film classics.  I'm glad your show found a new home.  You guys are the best.

DFA Renegades is live, Friday nights at 6 PM PT, and you can catch up on past episodes on Youtube.  Episode 2 can be found right here

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