Monday, November 2, 2015

Product Review: Elder Wood Academy

All right folks, here's our first official product review for the season, and its a neat one

One of the most important part of a gamer’s identity is their unique style.  From the clothes they wear to the game, to the color of the dice, to their choice of miniatures, gamers express themselves in myriad unique ways, and the more different they can be from everyone else, the better.  I recently found a company that caters to the quirkiest and most individualistic desires of the gamer culture.

Elder Wood Boxes is an artisanal shop that caters to the discriminating gamer with two key products.  They offer the Hex Chest dice box, and the Spell Book gaming box.  The Hex Chest is smaller, with two primary formats and a myriad of available options.  The Spell Book gaming box takes the customization possibilities of the Hex Chest and ratchets it up to an 11. has the full write up, but the things that i find the most interesting about these two products are the nearly infinite combinations for making a dice chest or a gaming box that is truly unique.  You'll have your very own piece of gamer equipment that can have your signature on it.  Neat stuff all the way around, and i have some ideas for things that i would like to see the fine folks at Elder Wood Academy try once they get their Kickstarter finished and their orders filled.  Stay tuned to see what they come up with.  

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