Friday, January 12, 2018

Post Modern (A Setting for Mutants and Masterminds)

(Continuing from Yesterday's hijinks, we're going to take a closer look at the aliens who are responsible for triggering the appearance of superpowers in humans in our Post Modern setting) 

The Aliens

The two aliens who were aboard the spacecraft appear to be from different species. Solariat, the alien responsible for engaging the US navy is what we categorize as a near human species. His physiology is almost identical to ours but his genetic code is slightly different in specific places that make give him his extraordinary abilities.

The other alien, who refers to itself as Doc, is another matter entirely. The best our scientists are able to theorize is that it is an energy being composed of psionic energy for lack of a better term. With extraordinary mental abilities and an advanced tech base, Doc is known to use androids, robots, and other vessels to interact with humans on our level.

Character Brief: Doc

Doc is an enigmatic alien who very rarely speaks of its own history before arriving on earth. Using advanced technology it has created dozens of avatars for itself over the years since arriving on earth. Doc is a scientist who studies a variety of exotic sciences since its arrival on earth. Its principal points of contact with the rest of the world are two primary areas.

After the first superhumans started to appear in the human population, Doc took active responsibility for the accident that created them.. It has created several organizations and support systems for places that are dealing with the effects of super powered individuals. Most importantly to most superhumans, it has created a school to teach everyone how to use their powers. Located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on the privately constructed Mayday Island, This facility also houses what’s left of their spacecraft.

The other important point of contact for Doc is the UME corporation. With a forward thought to the need to finance operations, Doc provided certain advanced technologies for sale after it established a base of operations in Detroit. Doc’s efforts produced a boon to the local economy as advanced robots, forms of transportation and a host of other futuristic technology hit the market at price points affordable for most people. It’s redefined the energy market, started combating climate change aggressively and is thought to be one of the good guys as far as an alien with the ability to jump into other people’s bodies can be generally considered good.

Character Brief: Solariat

Solariat is the friendly face of the aliens. With an easy demeanor and a friendly disposition, Solariat is warmly regarded by the world. With the ability to turn himself into a star, Solariat is possibly the most physically powerful person in the world. With control of gravity, light and other forms of energy, Solariat is also an interstellar class physical specimen with the ability to pick up and move asteroids and other cosmic items. He has moved the moon out of the way of an incoming asteroid that would have destroyed it, and there are indications that was not a hard test of his abilities.

Solariat maintains a private identity somewhere, and reportedly has a human wife and a child. What abilities that child may have inherited from his parents is speculation, because Solariat does an extraordinary job of keeping that part of his life separate. Solariat spends a great deal of his time in space, working as an ambassador to other cultures.

Location Brief: Mayday Island

Mayday Island is an artificially constructed island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Aside from the human structures on the island, it is a completely untouched area where alien flora and fauna have found homes of their own. The island has three key areas of interest to most visitors. The UME maintains a satellite office of their corporate HQ here. There is also a small town built to support that enterprise and the people employed there. The final destination of interest is the Mayday Island Academy which is the premier school for the superpowered individual.

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