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Adventurer's League Season 3 part 4 (Lower Level Track Pt 4)

All right Game Fans, we’re continuing with our look at the 3rd season of the Adventurer’s League for Dungeons and Dragons, 5th edition.  Like last season, we’re not going to take these adventures in numeric order, but we’ve split them up into two (technically three) different tracks based off of their suggested character level.  Today we’re looking at the last adventure in the lower level track, DDEX 3-14 Death on the Wall.

DDEX 3-14 Death on the Wall

All right Game Fans, Season 3 of Adventurer’s League (The Rage of Demons Story Arc) continues with DDEX 3-14, Death on the Wall. The First Lord of Hillsfar is leaving the safety of the city on an inspection tour.  He brings with him a small detachment of Red Plume guards.  Now is the time to strike...

Like most of the early adventures, DDEX 3-14 is designed for 1st thru 4th  level characters, with an average party size of 5 suggested.  For Adventurer’s League play, the level range is a hard ceiling, and characters of 5th level or higher are not playable in this adventure.  This specific adventure is to run with an introduction and features three distinct parts. This should take around 2 hours to complete from start to finish.  Remember to bring your D & D Survival Kit with you when you show up to game.  If you’re running this adventure, make sure you have the faction assignments for each participating member of that faction ready to hand out.  

Introduction:  The Stop

The Stop is a caravan station where the adventurers meet up with their contact.  It’s a quiet, out of the way location for a clandestine meeting, and it gives the players an opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other and their characters before the adventure starts.  Once everyone is acquainted, you can proceed to the next part of the adventure.  

Part 1:  An Opportune Conspiracy

An adventurer deposits a pack with the characters before being chased off by a large pack of Red Plume guards.  These guards do their best to rough up any non humans they encounter, and are looking for their quarry, and will pick a fight with the adventurers if given half a chance.  If the adventurers can defuse the violence of the situation, they can take a look at the pack and discover what the ruckus is about.  

Part 2:  The Yulash Wall

The Characters have been given a great deal of information and potential ways to access the First Lord’s encampment at the Yulash Wall.  They’ve got a lot of ways they can potentially get access to the First Lord, and clever players can find a variety of access points to leverage.  Make sure you plan your approach, and figure out how this is going to play out.  DM’s running this adventure should pay very close attention to the suggestions after the camp description.  This is a complex area full of moving parts and people, and knowing who does what when is very crucial to creating the best encounter you can.

Part 3:  Six Knives for Torin Nomerthal

It’s all down to this.  By hook or by crook, the characters have gained access to the First Lord’s Pavilion.  Inside are the First Lord and his court, along with a small contingent of guards.  The characters are tasked with either killing or capturing as many of the court members as they can.  Depending on the outcome of this assault, the characters may liberate Hillsfar from a tyrant who’s oppressed the land and its people.  They may also cause many more problems than they originally imagined.


So as a character in the adventurer’s league, you have three primary rewards you’re aiming for, and the occasional extra bit of stuff.  Let’s go over your Downtime Days, your Experience Points, Your Gold Pieces, and your renown.    If you’re not playing in an Adventurer’s League group, you don’t need to track these on your log sheet, but keep an eye on your numbers.

·         Experience Points:  Completing this adventure will net your character between 450 and 600 experience points.  If you’re playing this after DDEX 3-12, you’ll have between 3,925 and 5,400 experience points.  Either way, you’ve got a 4th level character and could be cruising to level 5.    If this is your first adventure with a new character, this will get you to level 2, maybe halfway to level 3.  .

·         Gold Pieces:  This one’s a little trickier, because GP is calculated based off of the number of players at a table.  There’s enough treasure available that you should certainly be able to pick up some extra supplies or replace ones that you expended during the adventure.  Keep an eye out for any handy magical items that may show up.

·         Downtime Days:  This one’s easy.  Everyone gets 5 downtime days for playing through this adventure.  If you play through each of these, you should end up with 65 Downtime Days.  

·         Renown:  Every Character earns a point of renown, and there are additional faction assignments that can net you an additional point of renown.    
    Story:  It’s possible to earn the Friends in High Places story award during this adventure.

So now that you’ve completed Death on the Wall., check your character, level up if you need to, pick up additional gear and get ready for the next adventure.

And that is the next adventure in Season 3.  We’ll be back next week to take a gander at the first tier two adventures in the higher level track.  For those playing along at home, that’s The Occupation of Szith Morcane (DDEX 3-3) and Herald of the Moon (DDEX 3-7).  Game on, Game Fans.

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