Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat

First Post, for the first non traditional Board Game i ever picked up.  I blame my brother for this one, as he started playing right before he went off to college.  I fell in love with the game, and though we have parted ways several different times, we always seem to wind up back together again.  If i were to pick the two games that i always work my way back to, they would be Battletech, and Dungeons and Dragons (Pick an edition). 

Battletech is the story of our future as humankind spreading across the stars.  The original time frame for the game was the early part of the 31st century, with the game's backdrop being the end of the Third Succession War.  Five vast interstellar nations fight for control over dwindling resources in an effort to claim supremacy and unite human space under their banner. 

For reference, this is the box i started with

(Btw, is the battletech wiki, and is full of information about the vast history of the Battletech Universe)

Originally Published as Battledroids in 1984, Battletech has a thirty year history that stretches across novels, computer games, several different editions of the board game, a collectible card game, and a miniatures rules set for quick play games.

Battletech is also responsible for me meeting one of the best friends i have in the universe.  For the sake of his wife not killing the both of us, We will refer to him as "Drewbacca."

This is the most recent picture of Drewbacca
and for safety reasons, we will only be adding photos in this format.

Drewbaca and i were attending university at the same time, and met at a gaming club meeting.  I wasn't really paying attention until i heard a young wookie roar "Does anyone here play the game Battletech?"  (Translated by magic).  This sparked a friendship that has lasted for several years and seen us move through many different game systems, but we still discuss battletech a lot.    

Battletech has undergone some changes over the years, but the current publishers, Catalyst Game Labs continue to produce setting information and other materials for several games. 

Harebrained Schemes (operated by Jordan Weisman, creator of the battletech universe), as of this publication, have kickstarted a computer game version of Battletech.  As of publication, they have raised 1.7 million dollars to produce this new game and are rapidly closing in on a stretch goal for an open ended campaign for their computer game. 

I'll add some more information in my next post about this game universe, but here are some links that i find helpful for getting your feet wet in the universe.

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